Norristown Girls Basketball Has a Turnaround Season with New Coach at the Helm


Nahje McClure, Staff Reporter

There was a different spark this year and determination this year for the Norristown Girls Basketball team. The girls have dominated and shut down teams in almost every game this year. It’s rare that anyone sees the Girls Basketball Program at NAHS as serious contender, but this year was different. The girls were ready to make a difference in the way  people view them. They were ready to dominate and take over.


Coach Lardita Ridout had also changed the girl’s mindset of basketball this year. She pushed them to limits they didn’t even know they could be pushed to. She made the girls believe in themselves and work harder. “No one comes into our home and leaves happy.” Coach Lardita would say this every time before a home game, to get the girls fired up and ready. She understood these girls and got to learn from them, and they learned from her. “There’s only one YOU, and I can’t ask you to be anyone but yourself when you’re either on or off the court, all I can ask is that you give me your all, and play like you’ve never played before.” Coach Lardita pumped these girls and made them enjoy and love the game of basketball.

Not only did Coach Lardita, also known as coach D, had a major impact on the girls.  In turn, girls made her feel alive again and reminded her about the passion she had for basketball, and allowed her to enjoy her first year of coaching. “It was such was such an honor to get the job. It was so exciting to be able to get to know the girls and teach the girls in the same gym I played. I wouldn’t change one thing about my first year. We finished 14-3…. Not too bad for my first time with this amazing group of young ladies! They made my job easy! My first year of coaching will forever be in my heart!” coach Lardita says. She used to play for the Norristown Girls Basketball team back in 1992-1996. They had won suburban 95-96 her senior year.

All the hard work that the girls put in this year got them a spot in the playoffs. Norristown girls were up against Bishop Shanaham. The girls had played Bishop not too long ago in the Christmas tournament, it was an upset loss for Norristown but the girls were ready for a comeback, they wanted to give Bishop Shanaham a run for there money. On Saturday February 13, 2016 Norristown Girls Basketball had went head to head against their rivals Bishop Shanaham. Even though Norristown girl’s lost to them with a score of 43-47, they played their hearts out and the Bishop Shanaham was a game to remember. Norristown Girls kept the lead of the game all four quarters then Bishop Shanaham began to spark a fourth quarter comeback. It was a very close back to back game, Both teams worked very hard and played like there was no tomorrow.

Next year Norristown will be going into PAC 10. They won’t be able to play their rivals Upper Dublin or Bishop Shanaham again, but they will be ready for war whenever they see them again.