Super Bowl Half Time Show Sends A Message


Grace Harvey, Associate Editor

The 2016 Super Bowl halftime show consisted of a performance by Coldplay featuring Beyonce and Bruno Mars. Coldplay began the performance with their hit single “Viva La Vida” which included multiple kids singing, dancing, and playing instruments. There were vibrant colors and patterns all over the stage and on the band members outfits and instruments. Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay, sang and danced around the stage while smiling and bringing positive energy to the crowd. With kids onstage playing violins and jumping around with the band, Coldplay’s performance was heartwarming and fun loving. The stage continued to light up as the band moved into their next song “Paradise” while a marching band surrounding the stage the crowd continued to go crazy. Coldplay then moved onto their newest single “Adventure of a Lifetime” while the band rocked out on stage with their flower covered drums and rainbow jackets. They finished the song with choreographed umbrellas covering the field to create patterns of colors and flowers around the stage.

Soon after Bruno and Beyonce took over. Bruno Mars came out singing and dancing to his song “Uptown Funk”. Of course Bruno put on a show (as he always does) with his amazing charisma, and soon after the performance was handed off to Beyonce with her brand new song “Formation”. She was accompanied by a group of dancers as she entered the field and then later joined Bruno for a dance off. They came together with Chris to play the final song “Fix You” as a tribute to the halftime shows of the past. With videos of Michael Jackson, Katy Perry, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, and more as all three performers came to the stage. The show closed with all of the performers, dancers, instrumentalist, and extras on the center stage with a rainbow of signs in the crowd spelling out “Believe In Love”. This halftime show projected the image of color, confidence, happiness, and respect as they sang and danced in honor of performers past, present, and future. With singers from different genres and backgrounds, the 2016 performance entertained different crowds yet came together as one by the end of the show. This message based performance got negative reviews from many but certainly made a statement: Believe in love.