Curry and the Warriors Hot Streak


Mickeel Allen, Staff Reporter

Stephen Curry and The Golden State Warriors have been running buck wild through the National Basketball Association. They have been on a hot streak, starting the season by beating the New Orleans Pelicans, blowing them out of the water. The score at the end of the 4 quarter was Golden State 111, New Orleans 95. After that game they went insane continued to win game after game, beating the Houston Rockets 112-92. After that they beat the Pelicans again by a comeback of 124-120. Then the Golden State Warriors played the Memphis Grizzlies on November 2 and blew them out of the water with the score of 119 to 69. Two days later they played the L.A. Clippers and won 112 to 108. Their record extends to 5-0.

They played the Denver Nuggets at Oracles arena on their home turf and took the victory with a score of 119 to 104. The Golden State Warriors later beat the Sacramento Kings 120 to 109, then they blew past the Charlotte Hornets 116 to 99, after that they had a 3 advantage win against the Toronto Raptors, they also beat the Brooklyn Nets 114 to 84. The next game to watch would be the Warriors against the Indiana Pacers. So far the warriors has scored 100 or more points on their opponents in every game they played since the start of the 2015 -2016 NBA season. The NBA teams have a threat that they may never be able to stop, the Warriors are an overall dominant team.

(Foxengagenetwork, 2015)