How To Make Fast Money This Holiday Season


Grace Harvey, Associate Editor


The Holidays are most wonderful time of the year or more like the most expensive time of the year. Holiday season puts a dent in everyone’s wallet and there’s no way around it. Expenses can pile up quickly. Luckily there are ways to make fast money. The first thing I did when posed with this problem was took to twitter in order to see how other people manage their seasonal spending. After taking a poll with about 13 participants I found that  77% said they make money simply by increasing their work hours. More hours means more money so if you already have a job, pick up more hours in order to help with your seasonal spending. Another trick that 15% of respondents said helps them make extra money is to start babysitting. Babysitting can be a great job option for many people because it isn’t as binding of a job as most. No taxes, no managers, no weekly hours. Find a neighbor who needs extra help for the day and you could make easy cash. The last 8% of the recipients said they chose to work as a “holiday hire” which means they work for an employer only around the holiday. Some of these places include Macy’s, Forever 21, UPS, Toys R Us, and The Cheesecake Factory. These companies will hire people to do jobs that are in larger demand around the holiday season. “Holiday Hire’s” only work for that company for a few months, so there isn’t much pressure or commitment. Another easy job would be to help someone with chores. Offer your assistance to family, friends, or neighbors. Cleaning bathrooms and doing yard work isn’t the most appealing job but it will bring in extra money. Lastly, you could simply lower your spending on leisure and entertainment items such as food, coffee, nail salon visits, and anything else you don’t “need”. By lowering your spending in other areas you will find yourself with more money for gift giving and other holiday essentials. I hope these tips are helpful, tis the season to save money.