Tis the Season…Or Not?


Cassidy Uzdzienski, Staff Reporter

There has been a whole debate as to whether or not Christmas decorations, music, designs or anything of the sort should be brought out before Thanksgiving. There are two different kinds of people in the world: those who think the Christmas season starts as soon as Halloween is over and others who think that Christmas shouldn’t be celebrated until after Thanksgiving. Nordstrom is an example of the latter, in their store there is to be no Christmas decorations put up until after Thanksgiving. The rest of the mall, however has already put up its extravagant Christmas trees covered in festive decorations and glittering reindeer along with Santa.

Aside from the decorations, there had been a whole debate as to when Christmas music should be played. B101 is even having a poll to see what time Christmas music should start to be played on the radio and the songs that should be played, which officially started on November 18th. “I don’t think Christmas music should be played until after Thanksgiving, otherwise it downgrades it and makes it seem as not as important as a holiday as Christmas is to people”, Staff Reporter, Skylar Bartlett reveals during a discussion among peers. Christmas is a wonderful time of the year and despite many opinions, it is up to the individual when to start preparing for it, whether it is after Halloween, on Thanksgiving, or afterwards.