Is Juice Cleansing Just A Fad?


Grace Harvey, Associate Editor

Many celebrities are currently promoting the practice of juice cleansing, a trendy diet consisting of nothing but juiced fruits and vegetables for days at a time. This includes juices such as Urban Remedy, Blueprint Cleanse, and Life Juice. These cleansing diets claim to do wonders for the body, but whether these products really have serious results is questionable. One of the main reasons people are drawn into these cleanses is because they are supposed to detox your body in order to make you more “healthy”. The funny thing about this is that your body already does this naturally with a magical thing called your kidney. Dietitian Joy Dubost says that “the body is already in a natural state of cleansing DSC_0208itself” so why pay $75 dollars for something your body is already doing?

Another questionable claim these juice cleansing companies advertise is that they leave you feeling healthy and energized. These daily juice “meals” limit your body to about 1000 calories a day or less, resulting in hunger and fatigue. They burn glycogen which leaves the body tired and low on sugar which results in headaches, dizziness, and shaking. The biggest juice cleansing claim is that it will help you lose weight and while this may be true, on the scale your body is not benefiting. This form of weight loss comes from water weight being shed which also means loss of muscle, and as Dubost says, “Weight loss is not always about the numbers on a scale, it’s also about the ratio of body fat to the lean muscle mass”. This method of losing weight is being called a quick fix simply because once you go off the diet the pounds come back. All in all juice cleanses have a huge controversial bubble over them.

Many celebrities endorse them while doctors are saying there are methods much healthier for the body. In my opinion they just seem like a fad. Don’t get sucked into the marketing world of these companies or get fooled by their slim models and cool pictures. These diets are temporary and will leave you hungry and unsatisfied. There are so many ways to treat your body with love and depriving it of food is not the way to do it.