A New Generation to Enjoy The Peanuts Crew

A New Generation to Enjoy The Peanuts Crew

Kayla Compton, Staff Reporter

The new Peanuts Movie marks the beginning of a new generation’s  love for the Peanuts gang.  The movie included both the classic element of the original comic strips with simple humor, but also had a modern twist with the 3D effects.

Although many people probably thought their beloved childhood cartoon would suddenly be modernized and turned completely upside down, it was entirely lovable and reminiscent of the television specials. It’s completely appropriate for all families and it is a great way to bond with loved ones of all generations.

Even though the 3D images are a definite plus for viewers, that’s about all of the technology updates included in the film.  In the story line telephones with cords on handsets and bases still ring an old school “brrrrring” and all of the kids engaged in outside play without any distraction of tv or smart device of any kind.  The film is a wonderful refreshed version of the iconic Charlie Brown and his crew that draws on and combines the tales of the comic and holiday specials. Charles Schultz would be extremely pleased as the movie certainly secures a whole new fan base for this treasured classic.

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