Top 10 Most Unwanted Gifts on Holidays

Sabria Alston, Staff Reporter

Every time Christmas comes around you’re bound to get at least one unwanted gift, sometimes even more. On average Americans waste about 2.1 billion on unwanted gifts. According to Daily Mail, on average friends, mothers, co-workers, and mother-in-laws are considered as the ones that buy the majority of unwanted gifts. Days after Christmas one out of five gifts end up on the shelf.

These are the most unwanted gifts this year:

  1. Coal :(- For kids who’ve been naughty.
  2. Socks and Underwear- Not the most exciting gift…
  3. Books- These are a quickly used or unused gift that collect dust on the shelves.
  4. Holiday Themed Hat/Scarf/Gloves- Not many want ugly Christmas gear.
  5. Cheap Jewelry- Jewelry that easily breaks or isn’t made out of real metal, resulting in a green tarnish, doesn’t make out to be the best present.
  6. Flowers- They’re pretty to look at, but nothing can be done with them.
  7. Out Of Style Wear- Like Birkenstock, they’re outdated and
  8. DVD’s- So last year, we have so many better option to watch movies on
  9. Bathing Products- Sure soap smells good, but that’s a pretty effortless gift and they just keep building up from the last Christmas.
  10. Trinkets and Knick Knacks- What am I going to do with these? Stare at them when I’m bored?