“Twinning” is Winning Combination at NAHS

Khalia Butler, Co-Sports Editor

Tuesday was the second day of Spirit Week and so far things have been pleasantly spirited in the hallways of NAHS. Today is Twin Day and I’ve been seeing double all day. In some areas I’ve even seen triple.

The upperclassmen have really set the bar high for the rest of week with the crazy-wear they sported yesterday. They have been working to get more and more people involved in the week’s festivities each day with the hope that everyone will be involved with Spirit Week by Friday. There are those dressed in the same outfits down to the jewelry and socks. Not shy about joining in the fun, some teachers wearing the same (sometimes unseasonal) shirts or dressing like an unsuspecting colleague.

This year’s Spirit Week has been by far better than last year’s. Students are really taking Spirit Week seriously while having loads of fun. NAHS will keep the spirit going all week long. Wednesday is “Red, White, and Blue Day”, so let’s see who is donning their patriotic spirit with some splashes of those American colors!