Homecoming Makeup Tutorial


Grace Harvey, Associate Editor

The homecoming dance is approaching which means the stress of constructing the perfect look has started. Everyone waits until the last minute to figure out how they will do their makeup for the big night, luckily I’m here to help. This is a tutorial for a simple eye shadow look that will easily compliment any dress.

What you’ll need:

Eye shadow base – ¬†Maybelline color tattoo “Too Cool”

Naked 2 pallet- Urban Decay

Brushes- BH Cosmetics

Mascara- Maybelline The Falsies

What to do:

  1. Take any eye shadow base or primer and apply it all over your lid to ensure your eye shadow
    will stay all night.image1 (3)
  2. Apply a silver shadow on top of the base. image2 (1)
  3. Take any dark silver and apply this to the outer corner of the eye lid and into the crease.image3 (1)
  4. Using a fluffy blending brush, blend the dark silver to get rid of harsh lines.image4 (1)
  5. Take a black shadow and apply this to the outer V of your eye lid with a small liner brush.image5 (2)
  6. Smoke out this line with a fluffy blending brush.image6
  7. Apply a thin line of liquid liner to the upper lash line.image7 (1)
  8. Drag the black shadow down onto the outer third of your bottom lash line and add mascara.image8 (1)
  9. Rock your simple eye shadow look on the dance floor!