NAHS Takes On The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

NAHS Takes On The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

jfdhrewhThe Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire was an experience like no other, and Norristown Students got the
privilege to enjoy it. Ms. Spoll and Mr. Doyle hosted this field trip, one that hasn’t been done in many years.  Upon walking in the group we were greeted by the multiple actors and actresses hired by the faire to make the surroundings realistic, each of them with fancy costumes and accents to match their time period. The aroma of popcorn, apple cider, and funnel cake came wafting in from the long row filled with shops and food as people on the streets said hello. Only five minutes after arrival we knew this would be an amazing day.

One of the best parts of the Renaissance Faire was the food. Around every corner were home madeDSC_0078 delights that were impossible to resist. The first thing I was drawn to was the shop selling pickles on a stick, a weird yet fun way to eat a giant pickle. Another popular stop  was the store selling turkey legs, a traditional Renaissance meal. Around every corner there were students walking with giant drum sticks in their hands and taking pictures of their unusual lunch. Next we all stopped by the shop that gave every student a satisfied belly ache. Hot and fresh, these funnel cakes were deliciously enormous and sent us all home with full stomachs.

image12 (2)Another amazing aspect of the Renaissance Faire was the shops. Each street was filled with dozens of stores, all owned and ran by the townspeople (actors).  Jewelry was the main attraction, having the most stores and options than any other items. image4 (2)From necklaces, pocket watches and rings to fake piercings, unicorn horns, and hair wraps, there were endless options of Renaissance bling. One of my favorite accessories sold at the fair were the flower crowns. A small cart along the street sold crowns made from fake flowers and leaves with ribbons attached to the back, adding a festive touch to students’ everyday outfits. Other popular shops sold homemade glass blown pieces, candles that guests could dip themselves, classic Renaissance clothing, statues of dragons and fairies, as well as real swords. Another popular attraction were the small pet dragons (geckos) being sold for as low as $15. With all these options, everyone was able to find their own souvenir to represent their time in the year 1513.

image7 (2)Aside from shopping and eating, there were many activities and performances for students to get involved in. One of the best performances the NAHS group saw was the reenactment of Shakespeare Hamlet done while wrestling in the mud. The actors had everyone in the crowd laughing as they flew into the pit of mud while yelling lines from the famous play. Another performance that impressed us students was “Circus Stella” a stunt and acrobatic act. They did dangerous stunts including juggling knives and running chainsaws that had everyone cringing in their seats. The second part of the act was an aerial acrobatic act done in the air with two pieces of silk fabric. While these acts were entertaining and enjoyable, the biggest and best performance was the ultimate joust. This included almost every actor at the Faire fighting with horses, fists, and best of all fake explosions in order to protect the castle. Each performance was structured and presented professionally making every DSC_0130experience enjoyable.

The Renaissance Faire was an event that everyone should have the chance to be apart of. The atmosphere of the town is so positive and happy, it’s impossible not to have fun. With games, prizes, shops, food, performances, and costumes the faire had something for everyone to get involved in. Learning a culture in school can be challenging which was why the faire was so cool, it was a complete experience of life in their time period. With almost every student on the bus ride home asleep, it became obvious what a great day we all had.