McDonald’s all-day breakfast is finally here!

McDonald's all-day breakfast is finally here!

JENNIFER MARROQUIN, editor in chief

On October 6, for the first time since 1970, McDonald’s will be offering their customers all-day breakfast. The menu will now consist of sausage burrito, fruit N’Yogurt parfait, fruit & maple oatmeal, hash browns, hotcakes, and hotcakes with sausage. Now the customers will be able to guzzle down breakfast at whatever time of the day they desire to.
“It doesn’t matter how we did it, what’s important is that it’s here!” #AllDayBreakfast -McDonalds
For a while, McDonald’s started testing this all-day breakfast in several different places since March. This nation wide change has been aimed to increase sales, which have been decreasing for seven quarters straight. The company even plans to close about 700 restaurants this year, but hope that these new strategies, like the all-day breakfast, will turn around sales and hope to respond to trends and cost. However, in the end McDonald’s final decision to offer all-day breakfast came from listening to customers request, since 2007.
This is just the beginning for the McDonalds company. They hope to increase the menu as they receive more feedback from customers. So what do you think about this all-day breakfast? How will this affect the health of many Americans now that it is available to millions of people?