8 Reasons Why Target Is Awesome

8 Reasons Why Target Is Awesome

Grace Harvey, Associate Editor

Everyone loves Target and here are 8 reasons why!

1. Clothes:

Target has an amazing selection of clothing that is always on trend. They are constantly filtering out old pieces and getting new styles to fit the modern day trends. Target clothes are always cute, but most importantly they are good quality as well.

2. Selection:

Shoppers can almost always find what they’re looking for in Target. The selection is so wide that it allows people to get all their shopping done under one roof. This makes Target extremely convenient because you can get your food shopping done in the same store that you buy your clothes and electronics.

3. Products:

One of the main reasons people love Target so much is because everything they sell is so cute! The home decor section for example always has the trendiest patterns and coolest designs shoppers can’t resist. Everyone can find something to fit the look they’re going for.

4. Organization:

One thing that sets Target apart from its competition is the cleanliness and organization of the store. Target has wide open aisles that are easy to walk down which create space for their large capacity of shoppers. The floors are always clean and the products are always stacked and organized nicely. This makes the shopping experience easy and comfortable.

5. Up & Up:

Target’s exclusive label Up & Up is awesome because it provides good products for a cheap price. Instead of buying a name brand product, shoppers can pick up the same thing made by Up & Up. This saves shoppers money while giving them similar products to the name brands they love.

6. Sales:

Target does a good job at giving their shoppers deals around holidays. Last Christmas they included free shipping to all online purchases. They also hold huge sales on post holiday products. Up to 90% off makes buying christmas decorations in January a smart option for money savers.

7. Clearance:

The end of the aisles at Target never fail to impress. This is where they hide all of their clearance products; things they no longer want therefore they make them insanely cheap. Their products follow a schedule every two weeks on when their prices are marked down until they reach the final sale of 75% off, giving shoppers a nice surprise when quality items are more affordable than imagined.

8.Dollar Section:

The dollar section at Target has always been a hit because it’s just plain awesome. The products are adorable and usually very functional, sometimes making it hard to believe that they are only a dollar. The products range from snacks, to toys, to phone cases. There is something for everyone in the dollar section, making it an affordable and fun part of the store.