NAHS Lady Eagles Soc it to the Patriots of Penn Wood High School

Mickeel Allen, Staff Reporter

The girls soccer team played PennWood on Thursday, September 24, and let me tell you, our lady eagles were in it to win it. They began warming up and doing their pre-game stretches while waiting for PennWood to arrive. They arrived 15 minutes later, so the game began right away. Our lady eagles started the game a little slow, but began to pick up the pace quickly with the help of Ashley Schools scoring the first goal of the game, followed by Alexa Bello goal. Later with Crystal, plus Rosa, scored her first goal for the season along with Ashley School, scoring her second straight goal of the game. Nearing the end of the first half, PennWood wasn’t giving up. Their best player, or fastest player, number fourteen, scored a ground goal right at the left side of the field, thus ending the half.

During the second half, the Lady Eagles were on a hot streak. Pattie F. got a corner kick from her sister Lauren, scoring an insane goal as she side kicked the ball with her left foot to the right side of the net. Annette T. scored her first goal of the season from a pass by Jasmin J., followed by Pattie F. scoring a second goal from inside the box as she fired straight to the left side of the net. The game was about to end when Emily S. decided she wasn’t finished with PennWood yet. She gets a pass from Lauren F. and hits it from deep right to the left corner of the net, ending  the game and PennWood’s chances of coming back for a win.