NAHS Student Sections Makes A Comeback


Grace Harvey, Associate Editor

The Norristown student section is back and better than ever. Walking into the stands, anyone could feel the energetic spirit beaming from every student. The sea of blue and white could be seen from across the field as the team played an intensely close game against Plymouth Whitemarsh. The student section cheered them on, shouting things like “let’s go eagles” and “defense” and “I believe that we will win”. With every touchdown there was silly string flying through the air, cheering, and all hands in the air. The students even got a group of guys to paint Norristown on their chests showing ultimate school spirit. The atmosphere was wild and crazy towards the end of the game as the score got closer and the time ran out.  Even after the Eagles defeat, the student section remained supportive and expressed their love for the school. Many believe this game was the turning point for our student section, seniors taking the responsibility. The NAHS Student Sections tweeted after the game ” Last night wasn’t just a one time thing.Our boys are gonna recover and we’re right back at it with them” encouraging students to continue the support.  The Norristown student section will be at future games, cheering on the Eagles and bleeding blue and white.