NAHS Varsity Football Suffers First Defeat of the Season at PW


Nahje McClure

The Eagles line up against the Cololonials for a tough game.

On Friday, September 18th Norristown Eagles varsity football team battled the Plymouth Whitemarsh Colonials at PW High School. Norristown lost to PW by 4 points, so the Eagles are now 2 and 1 for the season, losing their undefeated title. Still, the Eagles performed to their limits considering many had to play the majority of the game.

The Norristown eagles lost because many of the offense players were playing defense as well and were tired out as the game went on. Therefore, there were lots of mistakes, and one of them was not giving the ball to the slot receiver, Khalif Sinclair, enough so he could score for the Eagles. According to the varsity football player, “If I would have got the ball in the 4th quarter, I could have gotten us into overtime and we would’ve won.” Sinclair said, “I saw the touch down straight ahead. I was wide open, we could’ve won.”

Despite this, the team held their ground and did not give up, ending the game with a score of 20-16.

There are many more games for these boys, so with hard work they will continue to be successful. Even with the loss, NAHS should be proud of the show these boys gave on Friday night. Continue showing pride by attending tonight’s football game at Central Bucks West!