Movie Review : The Perfect Guy

Movie Review : The Perfect Guy

Courtney Hathaway and Lanae Hudson

The movie “The Perfect Guy” is about a woman, Leah Vaughn who is in a long term relationship with a man named Dave. In the beginning of the movie, it is noticeable that they have different ideas about what they want for their future, eventually breaking up. Leah meets a new love interest named Carter. Carter and Leah hit it off pretty quickly and throughout the first half of the movie you see how their relationship progressively grows as he is introduced to her family and friends. After a night out, Leah sees a different side of Carter, a side that she’s never seen before that comes off as abusive. Since Leah wasn’t sure what to make about Carter’s “new side”, she decides to play it safe and end the relationship before things got worse. After Leah breaks up with Carter, he doesn’t take it well. Watch this movie for yourself, so you can see how this break up turns into a tragic ending.

Lanae’s Review:

I would rate this movie two out of five stars. I would give it this rating because I like the storyline and the movie had very good actors in it, but it was also extremely predictable. At times the movie was supposed to be in a serious moment and instead of being serious my friends and I would be laughing because it was more comical than anything else. I would recommend people to go see this movie based on the fact that I had fun and enjoyed it. Although, I would make sure that they know that the movie did not live up to the enormous expectations that it had before its release.

Courtney’s Review:

I would rate the movie a seven out of ten. I think the trailers for the movie were a little more dramatic than what the actually movie was. The movie definitely did catch my attention, but I think it was the typical stalker seeks revenge on an ex-girlfriend type of movie. I was also surprised about the acting from some of the actors, I was expecting a better performance. I thought the actors made the movie very predictable and like Lanae said, it was humorous at times when the actors were trying to keep character.