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5 Underrated Women in Music Who Deserve More Attention

Abigail Carsner

Did you know that at NAHS, 6% out of 200 staff and students said that they listen to no female artists, while 55% said they listen to 1-5 female musicians? This is an example of how women are underappreciated in the music industry, and that, even in our own school this is presented. 



Aimée Anne Duffy is a pop singer, songwriter, and actress. She started her music career in 2003 and first appeared when she was invited to appear on Wawffactor, a Welsh talent TV show. After her appearance on Wawffactor, Duffy released a 3 song EP titled Aimée Duffy. Duffy also released 2 albums, titled: Rockferry in 2008, and Endlessly in 2010.

Duffy’s style of music is a lot like Amy Winehouse’s music: a mixture of neo-soul, pop, and rock. The lyrics in most of her songs are thought-provoking and deep, which makes the listener ponder on the themes and meaning, like heartbreak and sadness. An example of this is in one of her songs, Enough Love, which says: “Like oxygen to you and me/We need it more than the air we breathe.” 

Her voice is very easy to listen to and sounds like it belongs to the 1960s. Some of her songs can be upbeat, but the next track could be melancholic and sound, almost like a Lana Del Rey song. 


Chanté Moore

Chanté Moore is an R&B singer, songwriter, and author. At the age of 19, Moore started her professional music career from the motivation of her then-boyfriend. Moore started to release her music in 1992, going on to release 8 albums: Precious in 1992, A Love Supreme in 1994, This Moment is Mine in 1999, Exposed in 2000, Love the Woman in 2008, Moore is More in 2013, The Rise of the Phoenix, and Christmas Back to You in 2017.

Moore’s vocals sound graceful and soft, but also groovy and catchy. Her songs could be played one thousand times and they wouldn’t get boring due to how catchy and captivating her songs are. Moore explores love, heartbreak, sorrow, and the experiences of a woman in such an elegant and beautiful way. She sounds angel-like, similar to Aaliyah.


Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon is an indie/rock singer, songwriter, bassist, and guitarist. Gordon is best known for her alternative rock band, Sonic Youth. She started her career in 1981 when she moved to New York City. There, Gordon formed Sonic Youth. Sonic Youth, released 16 studio albums from the years of 1983 to 2009. Gordon was also a part of three smaller bands,  Free Kitten, Body/Head, and Glitterbust. Along with the bands she has been in, she has released some solo work. Gordon has helped produce the album Pretty on the Inside by Hole and she has been in multiple films such as Last Days and Gilmore Girls.

Gordon’s bass and guitar playing can be aggressive and blasting one minute and then another could be a mixture of calm indie-rock chords and progressions. Gordon’s vocals are distinctive, with this she sings with this lazy, heavy voice, as compared to the unique and wild sound of most punk vocalists.   


Fiona Apple

Songwriter and pop singer, Fiona Apple started in the music industry in 1994 when she gave a demo tape to a friend, who was a babysitter for a music publicist, Kathryn Schenker. Schenker sent the tape to Sony Music, which caused Apple to get a record deal. Apple released 5 albums: Tidal in 1996, When the Pawn… in 1999, Extraordinary Machine in 2005, The Idler Wheel… in 2012, and her newest album, Fetch the Bolt Cutters in 2020. 

Apple has very strong, poetic lyrics, which dive into problems that she and many other women experience, making her have this Maya Angelou vibe (who is one of her inspirations). Apple’s musical energy is very aggressive but also somber type-of-tune, which makes her music similar to that of Mitski and Hole. Apple is one of those artists you would listen to when you want to scream and cry into your pillow.


Kate Bush

Kate Bush is a singer, songwriter, record producer, and dancer. At the age of 11, Bush taught herself piano, inspired by her family’s musical influence. Bush also played the organ and violin, eventually composing her own songs. Bush’s most popular albums are titled: Never my for Ever in 1980, Hounds of Love in 1985, and 50 Words for Snow in 2011. 

Bush’s music is Art Pop, which is a visual, almost weird genre. What makes Art Pop weird is how it isn’t made to please listeners, but to let the artist please and explore themselves. Kate Bush’s music seems original and ahead of her time, especially for the 80s when most of the other music which disco-like and somewhat bright. Bush has this witchy vibe like Stevie Nicks, yet she is more surreal and bizarre. She enthralls the listener with this strange, enchanting aura.                        


Some other women who weren’t mentioned are Katleen Hanna, Kat Bjelland, Miki Berenyi, Noname, and Betty Davis, who are women who try so hard to become something in the music industry. It is up to us to support not only male musicians but especially female musicians.

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