Senior Prom Brings Class of 2023 to the Dance Floor

A'mya James, Staff Writer

Senior prom brought the positivity everyone needed as the class of 2023’s year approaches the end. Located at the Alloy Hotel, the event began at 6 and ended at 11. Seniors entered the venue dressed elegantly in sparkling dresses and crisp suits. Chicken, broccoli, baked penne, and cream puffs were served for dinner accompanied by tea and water. The blue and purple lighting brought the perfect party vibe to the event. This would be one of the last celebrations for the class of 2023 and it would be one to remember.

“This is the day that everyone’s going to be on the dance floor so I’m so excited for that”, said Yalianne Rosa Ramos. And she was totally right. Dj Pooda had dancers pouring in from left and right, jumping, singing, and smiling. Everyone was active and most were grinning from ear to ear.

Everyone seemed to be having a great time and there were smiles all around the room. Many seniors entered the photo booth and captured a moment they will never forget.

After dancing and socializing all night several people were called up to the stage to announce prom king and queen, Samir Miles and Genesis Vasquez respectively.

“Thanks, everyone for the support and I’m so happy that it turned out the way it did”, said Vasquez. 

The nominated prom king, Samir Miles added “It was a great accomplishment and I’m happy people voted for me. The crown feels perfect on my head”.

The seniors expressed their feelings about leaving high school soon. Many said they were excited and even relieved to see their high school years end. 

“I’m going to miss high school of course but I’m ready to move on,” said Dillon Oh.

 Amalia Atkinson said she’s most looking forward to “branching out and having new experiences. We’re going to party all summer. This is one for the books though.” 

Sadly, all good things come to an end though. Many of these seniors have bright futures ahead of them and will go on to chase their dreams and change the world. They’ll be missed and we wish them the best of luck with their lives up ahead.