‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Earns an Extra Life for Franchise

Movie Review


Universal and Illumination Studios

Ricardo Campos-Mulero, Staff Writer

The “Super Mario Bros. Movie” has earned a lot of money at the box office and is now the biggest opening for an animated movie. This was well deserved, since ”The Super Mario Bros. Movie” was very fun to watch, showing the adventure from the games we love to see but in a very cartoony and comedic way.

“The Super Mario Bros. Movie” follows two Brooklyn brothers, Mario and Luigi. They release a commercial for their plumbing service, but people that they know don’t approve of it. They are doubted by their father, and Mario starts to wonder if he’s good enough to be a plumber and even if he is bringing his brother down with him. Then Mario and Luigi see a flood take over Brooklyn, where multiple pipes burst in the sewers. 

They head down to the sewers to fix the pipes, but they both get sucked into a warp pipe, separating the brothers. Mario lands in the Mushroom Kingdom, where he meets Toad, who explains that Luigi most likely landed in Bowser’s territory. The two join up with Princess Peach to save Luigi and the Mushroom Kingdom, which Bowser was planning on taking over by marrying Peach.

The best aspect of the movie is its humor. The comedic moments actually had me laughing in the theaters, something I didn’t expect when I went in. The movie doesn’t take itself too seriously. I rarely laugh at comedic scenes in movies, so I was surprised at how funny this movie, which is directed at kids, really is. 

Easter eggs in this movie were references to other Nintendo games. I was glad that the movie doesn’t make these easter eggs obvious but instead puts them in the background. Movies like these really usually make these easter eggs obvious, but this movie does something different. 

Chris Pratts was surprisingly suitable for this role. I expected his voice acting to be the main problem in the movie, but it wasn’t. Voice acting performances for Luigi (Charlie Day), Bowser (Jack Black), and Toad (Keegan Michael Key) were very good; however, Donkey Kong and Cranky Kong were the performances that bothered me. I didn’t hear Donkey Kong and Cranky Kong speak; instead, I heard Seth Rogen and Fred Armisen respectively. This distracted me from hearing the characters themselves. 

One other issue is the movie doesn’t really have any character development. I just saw the characters going on an adventure, and I think that is the reason why the movie seems to move so fast. The movie is still enjoyable though. It is ok not to have character development because we already know these characters from the games, which also focus on the adventure. 

While “The Super Mario Bros. Movies” isn’t perfect, it is fun and enjoyable to watch. Even though it is a kid’s movie, its humor and adventure make it fit for all viewers. I hope Nintendo and Illumination Studios make more movies like this.