Top 10 Underrated Alt-Rock Artists You Need to Hear


David Coggins via Creative Commons

The Indie rock band, Beach Fossils, playing at SXSW

Dalia Munoz, Staff Writer


Many high-quality artists out there have deservedly gotten recognized for their music and have become very successful. Recently, the music industry has thrived with many new artists becoming big. Social media has been helping with that.  Even so, there are still many underrated artists out there that deserve to be listened to. If you like indie, alternative rock, or alternative pop music, this list is for you. 

10. Beach Weather

Beach Weather is an American band that has been making Alternative-pop music since 2016. I recommend listening to their mini album called “Chit Chat”, the music in there is upbeat, so you can dance to it and vibe with your friends. Their music is fun and it evokes emotions of joy. They often sing about romantic relationships. I listen to their music almost every day no matter what I’m doing. They have also released a new song this year called unlovable.

9. Beach Fossils             

Beach Fossils are an American indie rock band from Brooklyn, New York, formed in 2009. Their music isn’t too loud, but not too quiet either. They mix different instruments like an electric guitar with some soft sounds. I recommend listening to their album called “Somersault”. I like their song “Down the line” from that album because it is kind of upbeat, but it’s not boring. It is a relaxing song that you can listen to after a long day you just had. Some other albums they have are “Clash the Truth” and Beach Fossils.


HUNNY is an American rock band, formed in 2014, and they have been coming out with albums since 2015. I like the song “Televised” from their album “Windows I” because the music has a fast beat and feels lively. The song can also be interpreted in many different ways. They have a new EP out right now. It’s called Homesick. 

7. Zak P                                   

Zak P is an Alternative/ Indie musician. He has been releasing music since 2020, so he’s a relatively new artist. His songs are peaceful. If you like Indie or alternative music, I’d recommend listening to him. He has two singles out this year which are “parking lots” and “homecoming season”. I also recommend listening to his single “honey”.

6. Harmless

Harmless is an Alternative/Indie band that has been making music since 2012. Their music is very underrated. Their music/ instrumentals are sweet-sounding and they often use the electric guitar in their music. I recommend listening to their album called “I’m Sure”. Their song “Swing Lynn” was popular in 2020-2021 on TikTok, and it’s not surprising since the music makes you wanna dance. It starts slowly at first, but then different beats mix and it sounds upbeat and goes faster.

5. Mazzy Star                 

Mazzy Star is an Alternative rock band formed in 1988. It is really old, but their music is soothing, especially their album “So Tonight That I Might See”. My favorite song from there is “Fade Into You”. I enjoy listening to their music at night when I can’t sleep. The last thing they released is an EP called “Still”.

4. Current Joys                  

Current Joys is an Alternative/ Indie band. They have been making music since 2013. I like their album “Wild Heart” and their single “Kids”. The whole album has a nostalgic vibe, and the music is mellow. It has an old feeling to it too. It’s a good album to play if you wanna unwind or do whatever you’d like.

3. Beach House                 

Beach House is a band that was formed in 2004. They make a mix of Pop, indie, Lo-fi, rock, Shoegaze (a style of rock music in which the distinctions of separate instruments and vocals are blurred.), and electronic music. They came out with a new album this year called “Once Twice Melody”. Their songs make me feel relaxed too because their melodies are slow and have a heavenly sound. I recommend listening to their albums Depression Cherry and Bloom.

2. Borns                 

Garrett Clark Borns is an American singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. He has been releasing  Alternative pop/ Indie music since 2012. You might’ve heard his song “Electric Love” which resurged on TikTok between 2020-2021. I recommend listening to his albums “Dopamine” and “Blue Madonna”. They have satisfying beats that make his songs sound dreamy, and the lyrics are really good too. He also uses figurative language in his music.

1. Tamino

Tamino-Amir Moharam Fouad is a Belgian-Egyptian singer. He is the grandson of Egyptian singer and movie star Muharram Fouad. He makes Alternative/ Indie music and has been doing so since 2018. His songs are amazing. They’re poetry. He uses figurative language in his music a lot, and his songs can be interpreted in different ways. I recommend listening to his album “Amir”. Some songs I recommend from that album are “Tummy” and “Verses”. He has also released a new album this year called “Sahar” which you can go listen to.