The World Cup is More than Just a Game at NAHS


Hossein Zohrevand via Creative Commons

Iran took on Wales in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Evan Bartlett, Staff Writer

Over the last several weeks, the excitement of the 2022 World Cup has filled the minds of students throughout the halls at NAHS. During lunch and even in the classrooms, it is easy to catch a glimpse of students and teachers checking in on scores and hearing lively debates over which country will take home the bragging rights by ultimately being named winner of the 2022 World Cup. Several NAHS students and a few teachers were interviewed, and they shared some of their favorite moments from the cup, their favorite teams, and what the World Cup means to them.

To many at NAHS, the World Cup means family, it means heritage, and it means excitement. “Personally it’s a time in which my family and friends get together,” said Jose Ortiz-Flores. 

Many students spoke about how they love how their families get together and go crazy when rooting for their countries. Some students even choose the team they root for based on where their parents are from. For example, senior Brandon Zuniga told the Wingspan he was pulling for Spain to win before the team was eliminated because his mother is from Spain. 

Some students also have divided loyalty and root for more than one team. Senior Steven Rubio stated, “I have two favorite teams in the World Cup right now which are Mexico because that’s where my parents are from and I’ve supported them my whole life. My other favorite is Portugal because my favorite player has always been Ronaldo and in my opinion, he is the best”. 

Mexico is usually one of the better teams in the World Cup, but this year, it was the opposite after losing two games. Mexico was led by their star goalie, Guillermo Ochoa who looked competitive in some games, but in others, he struggled to find his footing. They played Poland to start their run but ended in a draw because of an Ochoa star penalty save. They played the favored Argentina next but failed to score because of Argentina’s great defensive players Christian Romero, and Lisandro Martinez. To end their run for the Cup, they beat Saudi Arabia but this could not advance them to the next round because of the allowed goal. For many, it was heartbreaking to watch Mexico be defeated, but faithful fans will not give up and hope to see victory in 2026. 

The championship game of the World Cup will be played Sunday at 10 am between France and Argentina, a match up many students are Norristown predicted. 

Before round 16, which occurs even before the tournament even began, several tuned-in students expressed who they thought would win it all. At this time, sophomore Colin Harrington predicted France to win it all while freshman Mark Walton figured it would be either France or Argentina. So far, those predictions are looking pretty spot on after France beat Morocco last Wednesday afternoon.

“I think France will repeat this year. They will break the curse”, said Jose Arrendondo referring to the fact that no country has ever won back-to-back World Cups.

 France is coming off a grand World Cup final win back in 2018. Most students think France can pull off another huge win, but like most sports, wins and losses are often unpredictable. There have been many upsets so far that have shocked the world. 

Argentina and Saudi Arabia’s early morning opening match was shocking and a big upset and the grumblings could be heard amongst students as they entered school that day. Argentina had been favored to maybe go all the way, but Saudi Arabia, one of the worst teams, came from behind and somehow beat them. Japan also beat Germany, which was also a real upset. It was a wild tournament, but the two best teams will meet for the final.

Every major World Cup is often remembered by a musical anthem and two students here at NAHS have favorites. As soon as that beat drops, it helps them get into the game and for many, they are just seen as great songs overall. 

Junior Daunte Bell said, “The 2010 World Cup song “Waka Waka” by Shakira was my favorite World Cup memory.” 

A new popular World Cup song that is favored by freshmen Jack Falk is “World Cup” by IShowSpeed. He specified why he loves this song because “this song is a banger. This makes me get into the World Cup spirit right as I turn it on. It may indeed be my favorite song of all time.

The Cup will be handed out to the winning team this Sunday, which is a World Cup tradition. Make sure to watch it to root for the next 2022 World Cup Champion.