Eagles play like weekend weather, losing 42-7 in ’22 Homecoming Game.

Evan Bartlett, Staff Writer

Norristown hosted the Boyertown Bears for the 2022 Homecoming game last Sat Oct. 1 in a tough loss. The Eagles did start the first quarter off battling and keeping a close game, but that changed quickly after a couple of Boyertown early touchdowns. 

The Eagles’ offense did not have a chance to show up because Boyertown’s great defense controlled the field. The Bears’ offense wasn’t great either but shone brighter than that of the Eagles. 

Passing yards from Norristown and Boyertown were scarce, yet similar. Norristown had 47 compared to Boyertown’s 56. Because of these low passing numbers, the game featured low receiving stats. Boyertown’s key receiver was running back Cole Yesavage, who had one catch for 40 yards and a touchdown, and that was virtually the most action seen from Boyertow’s passing game. 

Norristown’s Bocar Dieng had one catch for 13 yards and a touchdown. Instead of a passing game, Saturday’s event was more of a rushing game for the offensive front. Norristown, who had a decent day at rushing, really only had one key player which was from Running back Jamal Griffin who rushed seven times for 51 yards and averaged 7.3 yards per carry. 

Boyertown, though, had an outstanding day on the ground, with two players that rushed for over 100 yards. These two players were running backs Jason Oakes and Yesavage. Oakes had 137 whopping yards on just 12 carriers. This didn’t end his day on the turf, as he also barreled through for not one, not two, but three touchdowns. Boyertown’s other key rusher, Yesavage, had 125 yards on the ground on 21 carries and totaled 2 touchdowns to help the Bears defeat the Eagles. 

When analyzing these passing, receiving, and rushing numbers, it is clear which team won offensively, and that was Boyertown. Norristown’s lone touchdown came from a catch by wide receiver Dieng on a 13-yard pass from quarterback Brenden Ferrell which tied the game at 7 after kicker Brett Murphy nailed the extra point. After this touchdown, Norristown couldn’t quite find the grasp needed to score any more against Boyertown’s splendid defense.

Norristown looks to redeem themselves for one last home game tonight against Owen J. Roberts. Eagle Seniors will be recognized at this pinkout game, beginning at 6:30pm.