Homecoming ’22 Expects to Bring School Spirit and Fun to Norristown Community


Delaney Licwinko

Like the dance of ’19, Norristown’s last Homecoming dance, Homecoming ’22 expects to create new and exciting memories.

Kye'mani Davis, Staff Writer

As we convert back into a typical school year, more events are beginning to open up for more students. This includes our Homecoming game and our Homecoming dance! This year our Homecoming dance will take place on Saturday, Oct. 1.  Unlike last year, when only seniors could attend, this year’s dance will be open to all students. And tickets are currently on sale via Ticketspicket, so grab them while you can!  Buy Your Tickets Now! 

Contrary to popular belief, homecoming is an all-grades event, meaning any student from any grade can attend. A lot of seniors were under the impression that homecoming would just be for seniors again; however, that is not the case. 

¨Homecoming was never a seniors-only event, due to the covid restrictions, we had last year homecoming could only be seniors,” said English teacher Kate Bartlett, an advisor for the Blue and White Club, which handles all school spirit events, including Homecoming.¨ However, due to the lack of restrictions this year we will be able to host it for all grades as we always do. Homecoming is about celebrating everyone in our school!”

The Homecoming dance will be on Saturday, Oct.1st between 7 pm and 10 pm here at the high school gym. 

“I’m expecting a big come out for this year’s dance,” said Bartlett. “At least a thousand students if not more. I’m excited for all the students that will be attending. It’ll be fun for everyone to be together again.”

“I can’t wait for this year’s homecoming dance. It’s my freshman year and I can’t wait to make new memories with my friends” said Sarah Grajales Arias, a 9th grader at NAHS. 

Unlike previous years, our pep rally will be taking place outside due to gym bleachers still being unusable. The pep rally will be outside in our field today, Sept. 30 during the 1st and 2nd blocks.  The pep rally will feature fun games. including a grade-level tug of war, musical chairs, grade-level relay races, and various other fun games to promote school spirit. 

“I’m excited about the pep rally! It’s my first year here so I’m happy to be able to go,” said Elise Price, freshman.

There will be a parade tomorrow, Oct.1st at 1 pm before the official homecoming football game, which begins at 2 pm, against Boyertown, as well as a halftime special during which the homecoming court will be introduced and its king and queen will be announced. 

“I’m looking forward to going to the game. I haven’t been to one before so that’s exciting me! I also heard they were going to be serving Mexican food there so that’s always something to look forward to” Alfredo Frais, an 11th-grade student at NAHS

As always, the Homecoming festivities should bring about a fun and spirited day over the weekend. The last day for students to buy tickets is today, Sept.30th at 11:59 pm. Hope to see you there!