Class of ’22 Steps Up for First ‘Normal’ Graduation in Years

Hope Rose Mauch, Editor-in-Chief

This past year has not been easy, to say the least. With all its struggles over the past three years, the NAHS Class of 2022 pushed through and officially graduated yesterday, June 10 in the Norristown auditorium. This graduation was set to be the best since there had not been regular graduation in two years, and it certainly delivered. Both levels of the auditorium were packed with loved ones of the graduating seniors; there was not an empty seat in the room. 

Salutatorians Madeline Plummer and Jane Baker filled the auditorium with emotion with a speech they wrote and delivered together about how even though Norristown is often looked upon by other schools and even the state of Pennsylvania, this position has given the graduating Class of 2022 character. They spoke about how students at Norristown have to fight their way through life, which ultimately better prepares them for the real world since nothing is just handed to them. They acknowledged that Norristown teachers and staff help make students who they are and do everything they can to give students what they need to be successful in life. 

“Teachers and students worked to overcome the challenge,” said Baker. “When the storm came, teachers were quick to offer an umbrella.” 

Next to speak was the Valedictorian, Layla Chaaraoui who expressed the perseverance of the Class of 2022. Chaaraoui mentioned how this class got through everything together, and without their drive and courage, the graduates sitting up front ready to take their diplomas would not be here. She spoke about how without her classmates, she herself would not be where she is today and is grateful for everyone who supported her and whom she supported. 

“I want to thank and congratulate my fellow classmates,” said Chaaraoui. “For pushing yourselves to your limits and beyond and for working hard.” 

Superintendent Christopher Dormer and NASD school board President Phillip Daniels, both expressed how even with all of the obstacles this year held, Norristown students and residents remained positive throughout these past two years. Dormer thanked the students for keeping him so positive this past year. 

There were many emotions surrounding today. Seniors and their families were anticipating this day for months, and now that it was finally here, they never wanted it to end, gathered outside and in the gym taking pictures well after the ceremony. Graduation is always bittersweet; an important chapter of the seniors’ lives ended, but a new one full of adventure is just beginning.