Seniors Share a Night to Remember at ’22 Prom

Hope Rose Mauch, Editor In-Chief

Happily ever after: a perfect way to end a story. And for the seniors of Norristown, their high school story is coming to an end. The senior prom was held at Westover Country Club, a beautiful place to hold the final senior memories. 

  The sea of colorful dresses crowded the entrance to the Country Club before the clock struck 6. Students came in dressed in floor-length gowns to sequin suits. Many of the couples matched their colors all the way down to matching shoes. There was not a single person who didn’t go all out. The attendees even pulled up in fancy cars to bring the whole nigh together. Friends and family were also a big part of the night and wanted to get all the pictures they coiled to capture this moment. 

“The outfits are everything and more,” said senior Kattie Griffin. “Each dress I see is bigger and better than the last.” 

The prom was filled with pictures not just from phones but from the photo booth as well. And what celebration doesn’t have good food? The prom had a full buffet for everyone there to enjoy. As the night went on and the dancing continued, a dance battle broke out, but it was a friendly competition that ended in laughter. 

“The energy here is amazing,” said senior Alex Neuber. “I don’t want this night to ever end.” 

Many of the seniors were very grateful for the hard work Francis Wills and the Class of 2022 officers Layla Chaaraoui, Maddie Plummer, Ashley Carmona, Kayla Schwartz, Jane Baker, and Jhonny Cedillos put into the prom. This prom was a chance for seniors to let go and relax before the final days of high school that is filled with testing and stress. 

“This night couldn’t have come soon enough,” said Griffin. “I needed a break from all the hard work of  senior year.” 

Before the night had to sadly come to an end, prom king and queen were announced. All of the final nominees stood at the front of the dance floor as the tension built up and the excitement swarmed the room. A hush came over the crowd as Mr. Wills announced Zaki Coleman and Sudan Wray as prom king and queen. Both Coleman and Wray were ecstatic as they made their way around the dancefloor to be congratulated by their peers. 

Even though this night couldn’t last forever, the seniors would remember it as their farewell to high school. For many seniors who counted down the days till high school was over, the night ended too quickly. This wonderful event was just the beginning to their next chapter in life.