Local Rock Singer Crafts New Business

Community Spotlight


Givannascrafts on Instagram

Givanna modeling some of her own jewelry

Hope Rose Mauch, Editor-in-Chief

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Giavanna Pisano is a 20-year-old singer and small business owner of Giavanna’s Crafts and is one of the lead singers of the cover band  DYNA The Band. When watching Pisano sing, you’ll notice a confidence that brings all the attention in the room towards her. Her singing would give you the impression that she has been singing for years, but she hasn’t. She only started singing in front of people when she was a senior in high school.  

“I got a solo lead spot and I was terrified and had to back out and take an ensemble roll instead,” said Pisano. 

Even performing now still makes her nervous, but she has her family on stage with her to love and support her. 

“It is really special to perform with family,” said Pisano, “I know they love and support what I do and that’s all that matters.” 

Pisano has grown up around music her whole life. Her uncle performed classical music, and other family members are rock performers. Her life was influenced by many different music genres. Everyone in her family either sings or plays an instrument. 

“I have been surrounded by every genre of music since I was little,” said Pisano. 

DYNA The Band started in 2019 before Pisano went off to college. Pisano and a few family members who are in the band now would perform at Shannondell to the rehab patients. That is where Pisano got her confidence to perform in front of others. 

“This is the perfect place to come and get our foot in the door,” Pisano said. “It made[the patients] so happy. It was so rewarding.”

While singing is her passion, Pisano is also an entrepreneur. She owns her own small business, which started out as home decor but soon evolved to include jewelry and anything else customers ask for that she believes she can make.  

“Whatever someone’s vision is, I try to make it come to life for them,” said Pisano. 

The business started at the beginning of the pandemic. Pisano was in college but didn’t feel like it was for her anymore. When the pandemic started, she saw no reason to be paying to teach herself at home. Around this time she had started to experiment with different types of art mediums and then gave those products to her friends. 

Pisano made an Instagram account to showcase her most recent artworks. People caught wind and soon the products became in demand.  That is how “Givanna’s Crafts” came to be. 

“I started the Instagram account to post paintings that I made,” said Pisano. “The business itself started to pick up in November of last year when people wanted me to make custom paintings for them.” 

Pisano is still growing her business and has been setting up shop at local craft fairs and pop-up shops in the area, she recently set up a booth at East Norriton Day. Pisano is also working on new projects such as custom jean jackets and other products that will be released at a later date. 

“Every single person is so unique, and there is only one of you,” said Pisano. “And it’s so cool to have something custom to you that no one else has.” 

Giavanna’s Crafts Official Website: https://www.giavannascrafts.com/ 

Giavanna’s Crafts Offical Instagram: @giavannascrafts