‘Batman: Wayne Family Adventures’ Glides in with Originality and Comedy

Comic Review

The comedic affect that Batman: Wayne Family Adventures has brings a new view to Batman.

The comedic affect that “Batman: Wayne Family Adventures” has brings a new view to Batman.

Maximillian McCullum, Guest Writer

Batman and his massive collection of side characters have always been in only a couple types of story genres which go along the lines of mystery to horror and even to character introspection, but they have never gone out of those stories unless for a small miniseries, all of the 1960s and some episodes of “Teen Titans Go” and “Batman The Brave and the Bold”, and they were never able to have the opportunity to go all out in their “Fun side” for a full series but now I have some good news for you.

A couple of weeks ago, DC and Webtoon (a site for digital comics) collaborated on a new web series called “Batman: Wayne Family Adventures,” which is a new slice of life comedy that follows some iconic and less known characters in the Bat-Family, such as Nightwing, Spoiler, Robin, and The Signal as they go and try to live the Bat-Family lifestyle.

The Bat-Family is often thought to be dark and brooding due to its portrayal in some of the most famous Batman books such as Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns” and Alan Moore’s “The Killing Joke.” Contrary to the release of constant dark stories that feature the caped crusader, this new series, with its light-hearted tone, shows that the Bat-Family is energetic and alive when it comes to their superhero downtime. For example, in chapter 2 “The Last Cookie,”  you watch the family argue and fight over the last cookie, showing how even though the family that on the exterior is no fun and just business it is quite the opposite behind closed doors.  

This web series also requires no knowledge of previous Batman lore, and it even introduces you to many new characters such as Orphan A.K.A Cassandra Cain, Damian Wayne (the biological son of The Batman), and The Signal (the newest member to the Bat-Family), so it is a great introduction to newer fans. The more light-hearted tone of the story also gives more seasoned fans a new perspective on these characters if they are already familiar with the cast where you don’t have to see them trying to solve the world’s hardest murder mystery but just have some fun with nothing to worry about.

Another advantage of this webtoon series is that it is created by the fans of these characters, so the characterization is strong. It never feels like the characters are just shells of who they are but there are also elements of fanfics. The writer, CRC Payne has written a lot of Bat-Family fanfics that led up to the story. There are elements of the fandom in the story as well, like Tim Drake, Red Robin is a coffee addict, and Dick Grayson, Nightwing showing off to the rest of his family how cool he is.

Art is very important to comics. This web series has plenty of good art from Starbite, who has done tons of DC fan works. The art itself gives off this happy feeling that goes well with its use of bright colors. The artists gives Jason Todd a white streak of hair, lending a strong design that makes him have a distinct look and allows Jason to have that edge in his character that he has always had. 

Batman has always had its up and downs. There was that time in the 1960s Batman television show when Batman used shark repellent as one of his many cheesy gadgets, or that time Batman was so cool that the Batman: Arkham games were coming out, but this series at least to me is really groundbreaking in wholesomeness. I know this series isn’t for everyone, but if you like more light-hearted stories with more comedy and heart,  like the one story where Batman takes care of a sick Jason Todd, I believe you would quite enjoy this collection, even if you have almost no knowledge of Batman and his lore. A new chapter of this series comes out every Thursday at the Webtoon app or website, so you can start today if you want.