Gacha Game ‘Genshin Impact’ Dazzles in Beauty and Adventure

Video Game Review


Yalianne Rosa Ramos, Staff Writer

“Genshin Impact” is a new popular fantasy game, with a lot of players, including me, marking it as one of their new favorites. If you ever end up playing it, you will never want to stop. “Genshin Impact” can be played on mobile, Playstation, PC, and soon Nintendo. The game is now known as the most successful Chinese-origin game, with over 12 million players already in the 7-month time span.

Created and published by the company miHoYo, this worldwide loved game is known for its beautiful graphics, adventures, dramatic storyline, and peaceful music. All this work and effort to create the game pays off, and the best part is that the game is completely free to play.

“Genshin Impact” has been earning more than 6 million dollars a day due to the gacha qualities. Gacha is basically like a lucky roll of dice: you earn the in-game currency to roll or you can buy the currency with real-world money. “Genshin” gets completely addicting once you realize how many beautiful and well-made characters and weapons you can obtain. Obtaining these characters is usually super hard, but once you get used to working for them, it gets easier. Playing the game will earn you the gems you need little by little to get new characters and items. 

Without spoilers to the storyline, you can choose to play as one of two main characters, twins whose original names are Lumine(female) and Aether(male). You end up getting to choose a name for yourself, which wouldn’t matter because all they end up calling you in the game is traveler or adventurer. Basically, the name is more for yourself and what you call them.  The story is mostly about the twins who get split up, and you, playing as one twin, are on an adventure to find the other. On the character’s adventure, you meet new people and use the elements that the game gives you to solve missions while not only helping yourself but also helping the minor characters around you. 

The game has over 4 voice languages to choose from and over 13 text languages, including Spanish and English. Eventually, you start the game and meet this cute yet very annoying character named Paimon, who plays as your little helper and adventure friend. Paimon will always be made fun of; her small baby-like floating figure and white hair will get you from calling her cute to wanting to throw her across the world (in a loving way).

“Genshin Impact” is also widely known for its open world. In the game, you may run all over the monthly updated world whenever you want. Its beautiful landscapes make it easy on the eyes. The flowers and skies are my favorite part of this game. As long as you don’t pass the maroon red border, which keeps you away from the future areas of the map, everything is pretty much freebees.  If you do end up trying to cross it, Paimon will end up saying her favorite line in the game: “How about we explore the area ahead later?” Once again your small, annoying yet cute traveling partner decides that she’s the boss around those parts.

Soon enough you meet your first playable characters in the city named Mondstadt, who you automatically get while playing the game over time. You need specific elements and specific characters for different missions. Each character has their own specialty in weapon, elemental power, and skills. This game gets you interested and intrigued by the characters’ personalities and stories. It’s beautiful getting to meet these magical beings around the open world.

As the world expands so do your world level, character levels, and AR. Depending on your world level is depending on your ability to play with other players. As said, the developers update the game every month, since it’s relatively new. Having said that, you used to have to be level 15 to be able to play with other players, but sadly the creators changed it. Now you have to be level 16, and once you start playing the game, you end up realizing how the higher the level you are, the harder it is to keep leveling up. Most players are upset by this minor change, but that doesn’t stop them from playing for hours daily. It honestly isn’t that big of a deal; I’ve gotten used to it and don’t notice the change, since I’m…ahem…level 42.

Now the question everyone usually asks when they first start off the game is “How do I get more characters to use?” Well easy answer, the currencies on “Genshin Impact.”

Everyone ends up buying genesis crystals to trade in each one for premogems. However, it isn’t mandatory to buy more premogems because the game does make it so that you can receive them while doing missions and fulfilling adventures. You could also be like me and spend hundreds of your own hard-working money because you’re impatient. Don’t be like me! At the end of the day, even with all that anger from not getting the character you rolled for, you can still enjoy the game to its fullest. It truly is beautiful, graphics to stories and all. Give it a try and I doubt you’ll be disappointed.