Why Gen Z is Actually the Best Generation

Yalianne Rosa Ramos, Staff Reporter

There may be about 7,500 generations known to man (or something like that), yet, only one generation is known for eating tide pods and being a pedophobic (afraid of children). Generation Z has some quirks, but we are also the people expected to change the future. Some may say we are known to be “built differentlyand can survive anything. Hell, we have so far already survived Gen X and Millenial parents, Trump, Zika virus, and Corona.

Anyone born from 1997 to 2012 is considered to be a part of Generation Z. This generation seems to have made an enemy of every other generation, millennials being the only exception. (And only some millennials are allowed to come to the raging “house party,” thrown by Gen-Z of course.)

You’d like to find someone from Gen Z, you say? Try a bird call or a TikTok meme; either one calls a Gen-Z kid over in a jiffy. If you found someone you think is Gen Z and are unsure, just ask them to give you their best dog bark. If they are Gen Z, they gladly will. You’ll typically find us in our natural habitats, which are usually our rooms, skate parks, or therapy. If you search hard enough, we could be found on school premises during normal operating hours, but there are no promises, for we are known as a rebellious generation. 

We are very misunderstood when it comes to the way we do things and think. That’s how we made our enemies; a lot of people (adults) don’t agree with the way we express our emotions. 2020 is the year in which we just stopped caring what people think. Being weird and your true self is the new normal. We have expressed that we are our own people, with our own opinions, and the older generations don’t seem to understand that. They are so used to the old ways that anything new is considered bad to them. Like gender roles, we don’t need those anymore.  Everything is for everyone. 

Parents from older generations are not used to their children having their own opinions growing up because they couldn’t have one either. These days we express ourselves better, but they used to just stick with what’s normal, or acceptable by society. I guess you could say older generations are afraid of change 

If you haven’t noticed, 2020 was filled with hate. Though 2020 isn’t the only year where we’ve had to protest for basic human rights, we are alive now so we have to do anything we can. Gen Z is trying to change our futures for the better because the past generations ruined it for us. We fully support the BLM movement and are doing as much as we can to help with it. Most of Gen Z is pro-LGBTQ+ too, but there are still people out there with hate in their hearts. 

Our hate is sometimes directed towards ourselves. Since we are filled with both a God complex and an inferiority complex, we are the most insecure and the most narcissistic– I mean, most of Gen Z didn’t even have a “normal childhood.” We were always too worried about politics, and the world crisis known as the Coronavirus.

That’s why we have no problem creating a little thing called, “cancel culture.” You may hate this term, but it’s just basically our way of making bad guys go away, if that makes sense. It’s not like the adults are going to do anything. There are a lot of love-hate relationships with cancel culture because sometimes we do wrongfully cancel people, but we don’t speak about that, because we are sore losers and very stubborn. 

As said, understanding us would be the hardest part of getting to know Generation Z. Our lives thrive on social media and our beautiful beds. Hell, Gen Z doesn’t even understand itself. If you think about it, what person in their right mind makes a joke about a haunted doll escaping the box it was kept in for a reason? Who makes thousands of memes just based on a haunted doll? Many members of Gen Z even wanted Annabelle to be president. 

Memes have been created by people by many generations but are officially owned by Gen Z.  I mean, why wouldn’t it be ours? We walk, live, breathe memes every day of our lives because we enjoy making our lives jokes, but that doesn’t mean we are always messing things up.

Generation Z may be filled with idiotic, ironic, and iconic people, but we are also the most accepting and most beautiful generation. Most of us try our best to make the ones around us feel like their best selves. We love to demonstrate confidence in ourselves and others.  We aren’t just about jokes, we are about change too. Our generation will make a change with all the past controversy and hate, we will make our future better.  We are even trying to bring awareness to all the abused people over the years.  That is why Generation Z is truly the best generation. Gen Z may be problematic but we are also trying our best to change this world for the better. We are all, in fact, the main character in our movies.