Top 10 Nostalgic Songs of the Early 2000’s

Hope Rose Mauch, Social Media Editor

There was always one song with a lyric that I always hold close to me, ¨You got a new horizon, it’s ephemeral style.¨ It makes me feel like even though difficult moments in the past happened, you can overcome them, and there will be a “new horizon.” I, like most of my readers, grew up in the early 2000s, and many songs during my childhood make me feel nostalgic because of how they impacted my music taste today. Even though I’ve included songs that have won awards on this list, that’s not what music is about. Nostalgic songs are about what happens when you listen to them and not what some Billboard chart says. So here are the top 10 nostalgic songs of our generation: 



  1. Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz

This song came out in 2005 in the Alternative/Indie genre.  From 2005-2006, “Feel Good Inc.” was up for 7 awards and won 4 of them.  It was ranked and certified as Gold in the United States.  Although not a lot of people really know the song title or band, they should still recognize the song itself.  The song itself ranked 26th in the 100 top songs of the decade by the billboard top 100. This song gives nostalgic vibes because it was one of the first Gorillaz songs to take off and thus made this genre of music known to more people. It was one of the first songs that got me interested in Gorillaz and the amazing music they make.   


  1. Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet

“Are You Gonna Be My Girl” reached America in 2004 but originally came out in 2003 in the United Kingdom. This song has a Gold certification in the United States.  It hit 29th on the Billboard Hot 100. This song is really nostalgic because of how well known it is by cultured music lovers. If music is your passion and you have strong connections to the song, then this song should take you back to the early 2000s. 


Warner Chappell
  1. American Idiot by Green Day

“American Idiot” was released on September 21, 2004.  This song is on the band’s seventh studio album and is also the name of said album.  This song was on 3 Billboard charts in America from 2004-2005.  In the Billboard Hot 100 it ranked 61st, for Alternative Airplay (Billboard) it was 1st, and Mainstream Rock (Billboard) it was 5th. If you were on the alternative scene then you probably go right back to then when this song came on. For most alternative music lovers (such as myself), not just this song but the band Green Day in its entirety played a part of how your music taste evolved. 


  1. Rehab by Amy Winehouse

In 2006 “Rehab” was released in the contemporary R&B genre.  When you think of the artist Amy Winehouse you most likely think of the song, which she was famously known for.   With a platinum certification in the United States and ranked in the Top 20 on 9 different Billboard Charts.  This song is known as her signature song. This song was probably played all the time if the people in my childhood wanted something to dance to. It has an amazing beat and was played everywhere. This song just takes you back because it was overplayed and you can’t really think of a different song that came out in 2006 because this one overpowered it. 


  1. Viva La Vida by Coldplay 

In the Baroque pop music genre, “Viva La Vida” hit number one on five Billboard charts.  The song has 3x Platinum Certifications from the time the song came out until now.  This song is still pretty well known today and helped the band Coldplay take off. When this song became popular it was played on the radio regularly. Now you hear it every so often and remember all of the moments from when it first came out. 


UMG/Def Jam
  1. Umbrella by Rihanna

From the time this song came out people around the world have loved this song.  This song came out in 2007 in the Pop, Hip Hop, and R&B genres.  Umbrella is ranked in the Top 30 for 9 Billboard charts.  With reaching 9x Platinum certifications, this song is pretty big. This song takes it back to long car rides and singing it with my friends. For me, this song didn’t take a part in my life till years later. When hearing this song, it really takes me back to simpler times before people were worried about big issues in the world and I was just a kid.  



4.Toxic by Britney Spears:

Probably one of the most known songs on this list is “Toxic.”  This song was released in the Dance-pop and techno-pop genres.  It sat in the Top 10 on 6 Billboard charts and earned two Gold certifications in the United States.  This song came out with a bang and is still pretty well known today. Britney Spears may be one of the first artists people think of when it comes to the early 200os. She was huge in the early 2000s, so at least one of her songs had to make a list. Most people loved Britney, but others thought she was overplayed. Either way, her songs should make you nostalgic because of how much you heard her everywhere.   


  1. Single Ladies by Beyoncé

This song was released in 2008.  This song and her album are what made the artist Beyoncé big.  This song was on 17 different Billboard charts in the United States.  Even now, 12 years later, most are still familiar with this song. “Single Ladies” is probably one of the most nostalgic songs because of how popular it was when it came out. It is a good car trip song because almost everyone knows the lyrics. It’s officially 12 years old and still loved and played by many to get in the early 2000s vibes. 


  1. Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson

2004 was a big year for music and this song holds true to that.  This song made it on 12 Billboard charts in the top 100 and has a Platinum certification.  S”ince U Been Gone” is in the Pop Rock, Power Pop, and Alternative Rock genres and is one of those songs that just makes you want to sing it. Both its lyrics and the way they are sung are powerful. This song is definitely nostalgic in how it was big and popular for its time.


  1. Crazy by Gnarls Barkley

When this song first came out it was a big hit.  In 2006 this song was released in the Neo-Soul, Electronica, and Funk genres.  It has 4 Platinum certifications and is ranked in the top 30 spots for 13 Billboard charts.  This song feels timeless, and you could play it in any year after the release without feeling let down. This song basically screams “the early 2000s.” It just gets you in the feels and dancing mood for the time period. 


My personal favorite nostalgic song is “Feel Good Inc.” by Gorillaz. This song just makes me think about how even though there are not so amazing things going on in the world, I can still overcome them and be a better person. Along with this, it helps me to bring my mood up and not be in my head so much. Even if your favorite song from the early 2000s didn’t make this list, I will still be a song that you hold close to you. Let me know in the comments what you think of these songs or what songs should have made this list.