“The Mandalorian” Shoots for Star Wars Fans and Casual Fans Alike

TV Review



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Luis Parker, Staff Reporter

With the hype dwindling down from the last installment to the latest Star Wars saga, fans now have time to watch other movies and shows. Fortunately, they can watch a show that takes place in the  Star Wars universe but not exactly related to the movies. Originally airing in November, “The Mandalorian” released its pilot episode and has concluded its first season with eight episodes in late December. While fans wait for another Star Wars film, they can catch up on what they missed with the lone gunfighter.

“The Mandalorian” is about a bounty hunter who lives his day to day life getting by like everyone else. Though he lives a simple life, bounty hunting is a complicated profession. He is offered a job to follow a tracker that would bring him to the target, which he discovers is a child. The child looks like Yoda if he was a child. The Mando, as he is called, is then conflicted about continuing his lonesome bounty hunting or taking care of the child that is doomed for experimentation.


Aspects of the show make it not only unique but easily watchable. Hesitant fans may think the show follows a plot similar to those of the movies, but “The Mandalorian,” as the bounty hunter guild would say, follows its own way. There is no Jedi, First Order or Death Star, and the show’s tone is much grimmer than that of the original franchise or any other star wars shows.

The show’s style is particularly gloomy. It takes place in the Star Wars universe, but it’s not loaded with a bunch of X-Wing battles or intense Jedi Vs Sith standoffs. Instead, it feels like the story simply follows a human being figuring out who he really is, all the while, exploring the galaxy hunting cool criminals and taking care of an alien child.

The Mando comes from the planet Mandalore, which is in the outer rim of the galaxy. Mandalorians aren’t a race but a culture. Consisting of people of different Galactic races who come together to form a military force of trained combatants. This is vastly different from the movies they keep feeding us. Instead of following the story of an orphan child who has “the force,” you follow the story of a simple, quiet bounty hunter on the outskirts of all the action. The whole creed is so cool! The armor they wear is smelted metal that they can only acquire by capturing tough bounties, they have jetpacks, and most unique of all, they are not allowed to show their face or reveal their identity to anyone. The concept of the show is great, as well as the side characters surprisingly.

There’s always that one character in the show that you just absolutely hate and wish wasn’t there. I am confident when I say that I can’t find that character in “The Mandalorian.” Every character has something to bring to the show. The child is obviously important as the Mando is raising it and slowly but surely becoming a badass parent. He only has 3 friends he truly trusts which are Cara Dune, IG-11, and my favorite, Kuiil. IG-11 is a bounty hunting droid that the Mando at first hates but later comes to terms with. Cara Dune is another lone survivor who the Mando runs into. They work together to solve a common problem and go their separate ways, what they don’t know is that they eventually will need each other in the future. And then there’s the man himself, Kuiil. He’s an Ugnaught, who earned his freedom from servitude and teaches the Mando “unnecessary skills.” Those skills are: how to ride a Blurrg, raise a child, come to terms with something you absolutely hate and a lot more. They each bring something to the table that helps the Mando, well, survive.

Although I thought the show was phenomenal, I don’t like how short each episode is. The shows are 30 minutes each, which isn’t bad, but most shows of this type run their episodes about an hour long. “The Mandalorian” not only has the potential for longer episodes but for more than eight episodes in one season.

I can’t see why someone wouldn’t like “The Mandalorian.” It’s simple, easy to follow, and entertaining. Every episode left me satisfied with looking forward to what’s going to happen next. I already have recommended the show to pretty much everyone I know. Trust me when I say this is one of the best shows I’ve watched in a while. I have spoken.