Theater Games 2020 Lights Up Stage with Laughter

Nick Richardson brought his versatile comedic improv chops to brighten the Drama club’s 2020 Theater Games.

Tah'niyah Jackson, Staff Reporter

The talented student actors of Damien Bucci’s Drama Club brought audiences to the floor laughing at 2020 Theatre Games at Norristown Area High School on Thursday, Jan. 30. Structured like the famous “Whose Line is it Anyway?”, the drama club’s second show of the year featured a set of improvisational acting “games” that had performers act out odd or strange scenarios. There were two teams, Blue and White. Many of the games proved to be difficult, but the end result of it all was very funny.

The production was funny and made me laugh often, and all of the actors put in a lot into their performances, getting into randomly generated characters like it was nothing, and diving into their roles. Haja Jaloh and Nick Richardson stood out with some of the best performances of the night. This is not to say that the other actors weren’t also hilarious, but I feel as though they were slightly overshadowed by these two young stars.

The improvisational “games” played were called “What are you doing?” “Superheros,” “Party Quirks,” Crime scene,” “Let’s Make A Date,” and finally “Story Story Die,” but my personal favorite was “Superheros” because seeing the actors portray a character made up by the crowd was fun to see and overall highly amusing.

To start with Nick Richardson’s and Haja Jalo’s excellent improvisational skills, the show was an overall blast. The actors appeared to have a lot of fun while performing, which I can appreciate because if you’re not having fun, how do you expect the audience to do so?

The people around me were all having an amazing time, which helped me have an even better time. The laughter around me was spreading like static energy. The audience input on the topic of the games was hilarious, and the way the actors portrayed the suggestions were even better.

When it was down to the game called “Let’s Make A Date,” I wanted to see how this ‘game’ would be performed, since all of the performances before it were so unique and funny in their own way. My favorite parts of this game were seeing “Squidward,” go on a dating show, and a man who has apparent trust issues continues to complain about his ex-girlfriend.

 While the show was not perfect, it was still satisfying. If I could fix one thing, it would be the energy levels of some of the actors, for it seemed some struggled to maintain the fun throughout the entire performance. Some actors would go through a scene with almost no energy, and it brought the vibe of the show down a bit.  If that minor hick-up was fixed, the show would be even better than it was.

I do not regret spending an hour at the performance, as it was without a doubt  worth it, and I recommend their performances to the people looking for something interesting to watch. The Drama Club should be proud of their performance because overall it was fantastic. From the acting, to the comedy, to the energy for most of the performances, it was just great. And I will definitely be seeing more of their performances in the future.