‘Birds of Prey’ is both a Hilarious and Emotional Ride of a Movie

Movie Review


Warner Bros.

Beloved villain Harley Quinn finally gets her own movie in “Birds of Prey.”

Tah'niyah Jackson, Staff Reporter

“Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)” is not just another movie where the women are in distress, and the men come and save them. Oh no, this movie is full of female independence, and strength. It’s a movie of women proving that they do not need a man to come save them, but that they can save themselves.

The whole film is an experience, so make sure to see it in theaters. When you get to the ticket collector before you enter the movie, you receive an inflatable mallet, which is a replica of the one Harley Quinn uses in the movie. I saw the movie in IMAX, to get the full experience, and let me tell you, that is definitely the way to see it.

Dealing with her breakup with the Joker, Harley Quinn, played exceptionally by Margot Robbie, tries to find ways to prove she and the Joker are done, and that she is her own woman. On her journey to becoming her own woman, she gets tangled up in a sticky situation. This puts her on her path to meeting Cassandra Cain, who’s a young pickpocket, and who we now know as the ‘’Birds of Prey.” The whole movie was full of action, and female strength. With a whole squad of women to defeat the bad guys, without male help, just made the movie that much better.

While the movie starts a little slow, Harley clearly performing some toxic behaviors, it was still great to watch. Harley would get really drunk and act impulsively. She would also get very dangerous, which added to the overall darker feel of the movie. The women in the movie were queens as far as beating up bad guys go.

The movie, along with being full of action, was very funny. The Huntress, as she calls herself, was one of the funniest characters in the movie, only because when her backstory was being told, she was working on ways to introduce herself to bad guys. 

While every backstory of the characters were funny, they were all interconnected in some way, which was a really good way to introduce each character. Since this movie was voiced over by Harley Quinn, she had a lot to say, but the words she spoke were hilarious, and insightful to the plot of the movie, while still being the crazy person that she is.

There were times throughout the movie where I experienced severe emotions, either sadness, rage, or joy. These moments though appeared to be reserved more for the character, Harley Quinn, than the other characters. The other characters, while they had major parts to play, kind of fell away, It was more of a “Harley Quinn, with the Birds of Prey,” instead of Harley being more of a team player. Since Harley is so over the top, and the other actors are so chill and calm, it didn’t really level out the way I believe the producers wanted it to. 

Even though Harley kind of steaks the show, you can’t really be too surprised if you have seen any movie with Harley Quinn in it, as you already know how much of a showstopper she can be. 

I can appreciate that she was a little calmer than she usually is, and she was an overall good sport. Even though she didn’t change much throughout the movie, you can definitely tell her heart melted a little, which was so nice to watch. To see Harley have a healthy relationship is something I’ve been waiting for for a very long time and I’ve finally gotten what I have been praying for. 

This movie produced a wave of emotions. While it was funny most of the time, it had its moments that also left you really sad and disappointed, or angry and wanting to hurt one of the characters. That’s all a part of a good movie. A good movie extracts strong and valuable emotions to make the movie and its scenes memorable. “Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)” more than anything, will go down as memorable.