Unoriginal and Unimpressive: AirPods are Not Worth the Price



LWYang Via Wikimedia Commons

$159 (at their cheapest), AirPods are simply a waste of money.

Milagros Bonilla, Staff Writer

AirPods have become the new “big thing” for many at Norristown, especially when the AirPod Pros came out. This trend is so big that on average 9% of people spend $150 dollars on new headphones and 11% spend more than $150. AirPods are wireless headphones made by Apple. Apple makes a gross profit of 5 billion dollars in sales for its AirPods. An estimate of 15.9 million pairs of AirPods was sold in the first half of 2019 alone.

AirPods are not bad headphones. They are great for traveling because they are portable, and you are able to do other activities while listening to music. People might buy AirPods because of their comfort as well as not worrying about wires or cords.

There are drawbacks, however. AirPods and other wireless headphones are very easy to lose. They get easily lost in bags, especially if you’re traveling or if you have a lot of stuff in your bags. AirPods are so small that they can easily fall out of your ears while doing something productive or simply walking. Because of large price and small size, there’s also a chance of people easily stealing them from your ears, bags, or pockets.

When you buy AirPods to look cool, you really just look like you wasted money.

Our generation values headphones way more than people used to. People especially value AirPods because they are wireless and they think quality might be high, but the quality of  AirPods is not better than other headphones. AirPods might have good sound quality, but not as good as other wireless headphones that produce deeper bass and clearer mids and highs better than the AirPods. The bitrate, the number of bits per second, is significantly lower on AirPods than other headphones of similar or even lower prices. You can still find wireless headphones for a cheaper price and enjoy the quality more than you would with AirPods.

Some wireless headphones, including AirPod Pros,  have noise cancellation; the battery life for these, however, is not great. AirPods noise cancellation battery life can last up to 4.5 hours and without noise cancellation, the battery life can last up to 5 hours of listening to music. For the price of AirPod pros, which are $249 the battery life should last longer even with noise cancellation.

Many people may consider they have their own style because they know what will look good on them. With AirPods, however, you don’t really have your own style. With everyone wearing AirPods, your style that revolves around them is neither personal nor original. People with a great style might find other, even cheaper, wireless headphones that fit them and what they like to wear rather than wearing what everyone else is wearing. When you buy AirPods to look cool, you really just look like you wasted money.

You may think AirPods might make you look cool, but there are so many disadvantages and important facts about AirPods that you might want to research before purchasing. They may be the most expensive, but they are neither the best sounding nor best-looking headphones you can buy.