Top 5 Romantic Hallmark Christmas Movies to Warm Your Nights and Heart

Milagros Bonilla, Staff Reporter

Imagine this: It’s snowing outside, school is canceled and all you want to do is watch a good Christmas movie. The holidays are the perfect time to cuddle with a loved one inside a nice cozy home and adventure into the world of Christmas movies. If you enjoy Christmas movies, especially if you like the romantic cheesy ones, the Hallmark channel is where you want to go! Most Hallmark movies end with the same cheesy endings. Two people fall in love and live happily ever after, but we get it, it’s not how the real world works, so stop reminding me!

What makes a Hallmark movie is its need for happy endings and soft felt moments. These Hallmark movies are all the same. Aren’t people bored of these endings? We need something new! Here are 5 Hallmark Christmas movies you should definitely watch this Christmas season.

1.”The Christmas Club”

 “The Christmas Club” is about an elderly woman who loses $80 which also happens to be her Christmas savings. Two busy strangers, Edward and Olivia, offer their time to help the lady find her money. Right from the start, the two instantly have a connection, but neither of them believes in fate. When the characters fall for each other, it’s expected because Edward and Olivia instantly had a connection as soon as they met one another. I enjoyed how they used some contrast while they were filming. Even though the film ends how you might expect it to, its actors create their own spin on how the characters fall in love. This makes the romance in the movie relatable to watchers. I also like how Edward and Olivia had some arguments in the movie, making their relationship more relatable to real-life couples. It didn’t look like they were the perfect couple that always got along all the time, making it different than other Hallmark movies I’ve watched.

2. “The Christmas Card”  

In “The Christmas Card,” soldier Cody Cullen receives a Christmas card from a girl named Faith Spellman. Cody didn’t expect to receive a card but he was told to accept it even though he had no idea who was the person who sent the card. Cody is told to go home for the Christmas holiday and he stops by Nevada city and meets the girl whose Christmas card he had received. You never know what will happen when you meet a stranger. I think highly of this movie because it’s a little different from the other Hallmark movies I’ve watched. The characters usually fall in love and instantly have a connection, but in this movie, Faith and Cody didn’t have a connection instantly. Faith had a boyfriend at the time and some jealousy and drama were created between Cody and Faith’s boyfriend. The camera quality and the transitions between the scenes could’ve used some work but other than that it was a great movie.

3. “Merry and Bright”

In this movie, the main character Cate is the owner of a Candy Cane Company. Her mother is trying to set her up on dates. Cate meets Gabe whose doing corporate recovery on Cate’s Candy Cane Company a week before Christmas. Cate and Gabe get along as they discuss her company. Toward the end, they start having a connection because Gabe never felt something like the connection he has with Cate before. I really enjoyed this movie because it was really interesting how the main characters met in the candy cane company. I also really enjoyed how Gabe was so fascinated by the company as it reminded him of his childhood. It was so fascinating how they incorporated that into how he found Cate as well as how he fell in love with her. The camera control was on point and the director was precise when it came to getting certain shots of the main characters. The acting was also spectacular as the actors’ portrayal of emotions really enraptured me within the film.

4. “Family for Christmas”

This holiday movie is about a girl named Hannah who gets an internship and has to leave her boyfriend for 6 months. For the 6 months that Hannah was away somehow turned into 10 years. Ben, (Hannah’s ex-boyfriend) sent Hannah a friend request as he thought about her a lot while she was gone. One night, while Hannah was sleeping, she wakes up to a life with Ben and having everything she wanted and she doesn’t know what’s happening. What Hannah saw is what would’ve been her life if she never left her boyfriend. Her life switches back to reality, making her miss everything she had before; making her regret leaving. She accepted Ben’s friend request and they meet up. This movie was also different from the others I have watched. Most movies just show how they find true love, but this movie brought you into her life and showed what it could’ve been. The movie could’ve used a little more background details when they were showing what her life could’ve been, but none the less, the movie was very interesting compared to the others. 

5. “Crown for Christmas” 

This movie is about a woman who gets fired from her job as a maid at a ritzy New York City hotel a week before Christmas. She gets offered an opportunity to watch a young girl in Europe who is part of a wealthy family and the girl tries everything to make her leave. The storyline was of the main character getting fired as a maid to watching a young girl from a wealthy family was quite intriguing. The way the directors and screenwriters chose to tell the story of how she found true love was different from any other cliches. Instead of a handsome man, it involved her job and helping a little girl. I enjoyed how this movie was filmed. It had really precise camera control as it didn’t feel like they were rushing with the film. This movie is a great watch with your family because it shows how many things can happen when you least expect it and toward the end of the movie they do find true love with that one special person.


This holiday season, you might want to spend the day inside cuddling and watching a good Christmas movie. These top 5 Hallmark Christmas movies are very interesting and enjoyable. Each movie has its own little spin to it, so you will get a different experience when watching these movies. All five  will have you in the holiday spirit when it comes to romance.