October’s Fort Worth Shooting Should Not Go Ignored



Milagros Bonilla, Staff Reporter

On October 14, 2019, Atatiana Jefferson was killed by a white police officer in her own home while she was with her nephew in Fort Worth, Texas. Officer, Aaron Dean pulled the trigger and was arrested and charged with murder. Even though this happened over a month ago, there needs to be more talk about these situations; we shouldn’t forget about them. we shouldn’t just talk about something for a little while and then not bring it up anymore. People are being killed by police, and most of the time, they either get suspended or transferred. 

In 2014, Police Officer Timothy Loehmann fatally shot a 12-year-old boy. He then resigned from a suburban police force after the recommendation of being fired for not following instructions. This time, Aaron Dean is being charged with murder and honestly, I am glad he is because most shootings that involve police officers they usually don’t get charged. We are doing innocent people’s injustice. They are being killed in the comfort of their own homes, public, or just walking in there neighborhood.

 I believe that the reason police officer, Aaron Dean did what he did was because she was an African-American woman and he believed she was alone. I think this because he snuck into her backyard and just shined a bright light into her window and told her to put her hands up and then quickly fired his weapon. Dean didn’t think twice about it and he had no information. 

 No police officer should draw their weapon on an individual with no information, no matter what the color of their skin is. The officer didn’t even state he was from the police department; he just fired one shot through the window and she was killed. Racism towards African-Americans has been going on for centuries and it’s sad to think that just because of the color of a person’s skin, it decides whether you will be more likely to be killed by a police officer. 

Nowadays, police systems are substandard. Racism and the way our police systems are is a serious issue and I can’t help but feel angry about everything going on in this world. In Dallas, an African-American man was shot by an off duty officer. Ms.Guyger was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the murder of her unarmed African American neighbor. Amber Guyger was sentenced to 10 years for Murder of Botham Jean it states that “Dallas is a city with a history of racial tension with the police.” 

 I’m angry that people have to feel the loss of a loved one that should of never have died, I feel angry at the fact that most police departments let this pass and they do nothing about it, like with Ms.Guyger she was sentenced 10 years yet she killed an innocent in his own home.  I am angry at the fact that the police officer killed an innocent woman who was just in her home not doing anything wrong and all the other innocent African Americans people, honestly there are so many things to be angry at, so many reasons but we shouldn’t let the fact that situations like this happen and yet we don’t keep talking about it.

 Honestly, we shouldn’t let the conversation die out because this is something we need to keep talking about. Situations like these are ongoing and yet somehow the conversation always stops. In order to keep the conversation going, we should talk about gun laws and shootings that happen around the world in school and how these situations happen and affect many people. We also should talk about how to get more people involved in helping to make a law or put a stop to these situations that keep getting innocent people killed. 

 This shooting that happened in Fort Worth, Texas is only one of them. Many individuals have been killed by police officers and a lot of the time it’s because of their skin color. By the end of June in Fort Worth, police officers shot and killed 6 people. By the end of 2015, the total amount of African America killed by the hands of law enforcement brings up a total of 1,134 individuals. Many officers have been suspended or transferred in situations like these which is not okay, they should be charged with murder if they killed an innocent. There are many things that people want to say and we should say it. We shouldn’t stay quiet if you have something to say it should be said. Situations like these are sad and very heartbreaking but that doesn’t mean that it’s too late to say anything and to put a stop to how these situations are handled and taken care of.