Freshman Season Shows Bright Future for Norristown Football


The Freshman Football team earned 3 wins out of the gate, achieving Norristown football’s best record this year.

Jayla DiNolfi, Staff Reporter

After a positive start to the season, the Freshman Football team ended its football season with the best record of all football teams at Norristown.  After, many summer practices and time spent at practice after school, the team’s hard work paid off throughout its season, starting off with a win in its first game.

New to the school, with new coaches and new teammates the players on the team have managed to generate a record 3- 4. Excited about their positive progress for the football team, the players expressed how they felt about their season so far. And they are already looking forward to next season.

“[The progress of this season is] amazing because it makes us feel like we are the best,” Ty’Jon Giddens, the starting Center, said. “It gives us a positive intake with already being used to my teammates, although we are going to be playing with new coaches and new teammates I have faith that next year we’ll be successful.”

But in Wide Receiver Douglas Cawley’s eyes, the players see this season as a chance to be “cocky, because now we can brag.”  Douglas also envisions what this means for the future of his football career. “For next year, we will have a smoother transition and already know what is expected of us.”

We no longer are just friends. We are brothers.”

— Elijah Washington, running back and safety

The team had its ups and downs such as teammates quitting and getting kicked off, which negatively affected its performance, resulting in losses in its last four games. Some of the players on this team saw football practices as a chance to play around and not work on their and Norristown’s future. This forced the team to work twice as hard for its wins, and it took some time getting used to.

“I  felt discouraged [about losing teammates], but although this is a setback for the team, we will recover from losing our teammates,” Giddens said after many players left.

 Taking that positive attitude towards next year’s season, the coach and the players have hopes about the new future of Norristown’s JV and Varsity teams. 

“They will make an impact on Varsity in a few years, I think we have some real talented players that can contribute to Varsity.” says Coach Jim Gallagher.

After witnessing a 2-8 record in Varsity, these Freshman players have hopes of improving the team in the future.

“We have came along way from all of the time we practiced in the summer and after school,” said running back and safety Elijah Washington. “We no longer are just friends. We are brothers.”