Norristown’s Boys’ Soccer Seniors Commemorate High School Careers in Close Battle with Methacton


Zion Hendley

The Eagles plan their next point of attack against a tough Methacton defense.

Zion Hendley, Staff Reporter

Senior Night for Norristown Area High School’s boy’s soccer team was played against the Methacton Warriors last Monday, October 7. They battled hard to make it a night to remember for their seniors but ended up losing a tough one, 2-1.

This special night was for the seniors Samuel Shoemaker, Jared Rubin, Chinonyerem Ahukanna, Arath Pineda, Jimmy Gutpelet, and captain Max Guzman.  Every senior had the opportunity to start in the game even though not all of them were in the original starting lineup. Sharing this moment with close family and friends had the team’s pride and energy at its peak for the year.

The game began very slowly with an abundance of missed shot attempts by Methacton’s offense.  The game remained scoreless until halfway through the first half when Methacton finally connected with one of their shots after they were set up for a free kick following one of Norristown’s penalties, making the score 1-0.   Methacton’s goal forced Norristown to now sharpen its focus.

The Eagles were more centered on answering Methacton’s goal while also stopping the Warriors from scoring another, considering that Methacton had been close so many times.  In fact, that is exactly what they did. With a little under 15 minutes remaining in the half, Chinonyerem Ahukanna scored with his electrifying speed, tying the score at 1.

The crowd went crazy as Ahukanna ran down the field to celebrate his with teammates.  He had been trying to score this goal for the entire half but was interrupted by a few offsides calls.  

After a couple more missed goals by both teams, the first half ended with the score tied at 1.

Opening the second half, Methacton came out and scored to open the game back up and makes the score 2-1.  The remainder of the second half went on and defense played a huge role for both teams. The game ends with Methacton over Norristown, 2-1.

Although the team took a tough loss, Senior captain Max Guzman still looked at the upside of the game such as how the team has improved.  

“Last time we played Methacton we loss like 7-1, the fact that we loss to Mecthacton 2-1 is a great way,” Guzman said.  “There’s been a lot of change over the years and the fact that we’ve won more games than we did last year is great.” He then ended by calling the team “his brothers,” showing how proud he truly was.