Class of 2024 Gather Together as Next GEAR UP Class

Rachel Wodarski , Staff Reporter

All of Norristown’s eight grade students from Eisenhower, East Norriton, and Stewart Middle Schools gathered together at Norristown Area Highschool for an assembly on Friday, September 27 to learn more about the GEAR UP Program that their class of 2024 has been chosen to be apart of. The GEAR UP Program is a special opportunity that not all high school students are given, helping aid students through their four years in Highschool. There were many important school figures at this GEAR UP assembly providing the students with information on the purpose and benefits of this program.

The students were educated about the GEAR UP program in many ways. During the assembly, the students were shown a PowerPoint, of all of the benefits of this program.  by the current director of the GEAR UP program Danielle Hall, Benefits such as tutoring, workshops, Yoga classes are included but are not limited to academic support. Hall also provided the class of 2024 with information on how the program gives students many enjoyable opportunities. Gear up sends over 100 students in the summer to college campuses for a week to experience the college life of staying in dorms, eating in the dining halls, and hanging with actual college students.

During the GEAR UP assembly, many successful Norristown Area High School Alumni spoke to the upcoming students about their journey through Norristown Area School District. The Alumni also spoke about achieving their life goals after getting through high school: with hard work, determination, and focus. Kristen Carmona, current law and world cultures teacher at Norristown Area High School, that went through Norristown Area School District and graduated in 2003 with the goal of becoming a successful teacher to later graduate from Millersville University and went on to become a teacher and accomplish her aspirations. Another great example brought to the students, to show you can succeed with hard work, determination, and focus is Bill Norman. He was very focused and determined on his goal and graduated from Norristown then went on to graduate from Penn State and become a teacher like he aspired to do.

“The GEAR UP Program also provides Roosevelt students more opportunities, exposes them to new information, and helps them focus on the next steps they take in life,” said Dr. Carla Queenan. The Principle of Roosevelt High School.

Through the eyes of the Senior GEAR UP College Coach, Mr. Platechek, the GEAR UP Program’s job and his job “is to inspire and empower to find the student’s gifts and powers”. As this class of 2024 leaves the assembly, they leave more knowledgeable about what they are going to be apart for a very important 4 years of their education.

 Superintendent Christopher Dormer expresses his excitement “for the opportunities the GEAR UP Program will provide to the class of 2024 through their journey of high school and to becoming successful individuals. This program exposes the students to the highlights and upsides to getting a good education and accomplishing their goals and dreams”.