Summer School Back in Session; Sign-Ups Begin Next Week

Oxirydiana Salas-Carmona, Staff Writer

Many students believe that doing not so hot in a class is the end of the world and can never be fixed, but Norristown Area High School will be providing  a second chance for those students. I sat down with Assistant Principal Jodi Dunston, who is in charge of organizing summer school this year, for some information.

“It was short notice but our goal is always to get students where they should be, whether it be one year to the next or to graduate,” Dunston said. “We saw some students this year were struggling and it’s our goal to get them where they needed to be.”

The program will last from June 24 to July 25. All core subjects–English, math, science, and social studies–will be offered to underclassmen, but seniors will have the opportunity to even re-take elective courses as well. Each course will cost is $100; however, transportation will not be provided to and from summer school, so students will have to provide their own.

We all know that the person who is teaching the class is as important as the students effort. “We still have yet to do our interviews and decide on who, but who ever it may be is going to be someone who teaches here at Norristown Area High School,” Dunston said.

Not only is summer school a great program to put students in the right path, but attending summer school doesn’t affect university applications. “It really would just have the credits on the transcript,” she insisted. “It won’t say that you earned the credit in summer school, but it will show that credit was passed.”

Students who are interested should be able to sign up easily. “This program is only provided to our own Norristown Area High School students. Students sign up online or students sign up in the guidance sweet with Mrs. Titus, over the summer as well. Students need to sign up prior to that first day. We want student get in here next week and signing up for their courses.”

Although much of the learning is online using PLATO, a computer-based educational program, summer school will still provide more support than the average online course. “There is going to be a teacher there to support you through the process,” said Dunston. “So say you are doing things online and at home, you don’t have a teacher supporting you through the process.Any in person course you have the ability to not only speak to the individual but you can also see their expressions and have an idea of what they think about the lesson.”

Summer school is not a pass from work during the school year but an extra opportunity to make up credits so students are not left behind.  

“The goal is to ensure that students have the right amount of credits, that students move from grade to grade, the goal is for students to graduate, and that’s always the goal. At the end of the tunnel is graduation and walking across that stage, and we want to help students get there. We want to say to students that even if they had a bump in the road, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road because the road is built with different pathways for everyone, and we want to provide an additional pathway for those students.”


Registration for NAHS Summer School will take place Mon. June 17-Wed June 19 in the guidance office from 8:00 am-11:30 am and 12:30 pm-2:00 pm. More information can be found by 610-630-5090 or emailing [email protected]

You can also visit an online brochure here