Seniors to Blast to the Past in First NAHS ‘Senior Walk’


Kyle Corcoran

Seniors(from left) Alia Fisher, Kailee Yzzzi, Britney Morales, Eddy Reyes, Ahnyae Hedgepeth, and Marissa Dell plan their fellow seniors' trips around the schools.

Jew'lea Israel, Staff Reporter

The Senior Walk is an event made to remember your past achievements and how far you’ve come. It’s an emotional time when you realize your finally done with school and all that hard work just so you could graduate.

“That’s just an emotional experience, your 12 years are done like now you’re adults now in the real world.” said senior Ahnyae Hedgepeth, a student organizer of the Senior Walk.

A Senior Walk is a celebration for seniors during which they walk through or around the elementary school they attended as a way to appreciate their accomplishments.  

Next Tuesday,  June 11, the current seniors will participate in Norristown first official Senior Walk and will be separated by the elementary school they attended. If a student attended multiple elementary schools, they’d have to pick one, and if they didn’t go to any elementary schools in Norristown they would then go to Musselman.

Business Math teacher Kyle Corcoran came up with the idea for bringing the walk to Norristown. His Chick-Fil-A leadership class helped a lot in planning this event. To receive the Chick-Fil-A sponsorship, the students in Corcoran’s class had to write a letter to the restaurant, most students being from his Business Impact class. Landing this deal was their 3rd project.

He is hoping for 100% participation from graduating students. Planners hope to load the buses by 11 am, spend about 30 minutes at the elementary schools, and then head back to the high school by noon.

Corcoran thought it would be a good idea because it’s a positive thing, and in his words “we need more positivity in this school.” This has been a plan in the making for about two years, and he has been talking to multiple students throughout the year about this event.

Corcoran believes that if the elementary schoolers see someone “they thought would not have graduated then they will get encouraged and want to follow after them”.

The Walk will also be for the elementary school teachers. Corcoran talked about how this might inspire elementary school teachers who don’t typically see their hard work pay off.

This event is co-student run, and some Seniors played a big role in it, but Corcoran put a lot in this event. There’s a lot that went into planning like working with the elementary principals and the principal and vice principals at NAHS. They had to create schedules for each school, set up the buses, and make sure everyone is on board.

There are two students assigned to a school, just to make sure everything runs smoothly and if it does well they student get credit for it.

When the seniors leave to board the busses, high school band teacher Vicki Blum will have her band play for them. Once they come back, the seniors plan to have have a picnic in the parking lot and get ready to graduate the next day.

In hopes that this does well, then they will have both the middle schools and elementary schools on board. This is a very sentimental event and a great way to close of a school year and a major part of their educational careers in years to come.