‘Spider-Man’ Swings into Action on Playstation Platform

Video Game Review



A difficult but otherwise near perfect game, 'Spider-Man' should provide hours of entertainment for serious PS4 gamers.

Jaylen Young, Staff Writer

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can; spins a web, any size, catches thieves, just like flies; Look out, here comes the Spider-Man.

Worldwide favorite Marvel Studios superhero, Spider-Man was introduced into a new gaming era on September 7th, 2018.

Imagine growing up playing games like “Minecraft,” “Far Cry,” certain “Final Fantasy” games, or just playing other open-world games in general, and then encountering “Spider-Man”. There’s so much to do in “Spider-Man” that it may be too much. The quests kept coming; your encounters with other bosses and grunts grow harder as you progress through the game. Yes, you heard me correctly. Even the grunts were giving me trouble, at the beginning and middle of the game at least.

I can say that this game was really time consuming. The side quests were so long that it felt like they were part of the main story. The tokens (pieces scattered across the game; if you collect them all, you get trophies; certain tokens unlock new suits) took a long time to collect

Then, we have the boss fights. The six major boss fights all involve Doc Otto (the last boss; tedious and easy, especially in the second half),  Mr. Negative (who we fight way too many times), Electro and Vulture (we fight both at the same time; fairly easy) and Rhino teamed up with Scorpion (they’re just annoying). The bosses would always have their own unique pattern, and by the time you figured it out, you’ve probably died about three or four times.

The first boss was Fisk, and he was as hard as I could remember first playing the game. I had the game on the highest difficulty (spectacular), so he’d do increased damage, my defense was low, and he had more health, along with the minions attempting to hit you more in the second phase of the fight. I remember when they’d team up on you, and while Fisk was charging at me, I tried to take out the minions first with my impact webs, but by the time I took them down I was nearly dead.

I can recall the time after you fight and defeat Mr. Negative, you’re forced to fight him again, only this time, on a train with Mary Jane. That boss fight by far was the hardest one I’ve beaten in “Spider-Man”.

You’re in an enclosed space with Mr. Negative shooting black lighting at you, and you can only dodge and wait for his cool-down attack, which makes him tired.  Then, you can proceed to do a short burst of damage on him on him then he’ll shock you away.

When you dodge too early, you’re stuck in an animation, and it gives Mr. Negative time to attack again. To add on to that, he can switch up his charge animations to try to fool you into dodging the wrong way, taking unnecessary damage, while generating little to no focus to heal yourself. Considering you can only hit him 5 times at a time, you don’t get too many chances. It’s an one-and-done situation.

Insomniac games has done an amazing job partnering up with Sony to release this game. In my opinion, the game’s release only had one downfall. Sorry Xbox players, but it’s not available for you guys. There wasn’t too many things that you needed the PS4 controller specifically to play the game. Aside from the game’s incredible difficulty, that’s the only negative about the game.

Overall, the game was, like Spider-Man himself, amazing. Mechanics weren’t too confusing, bosses weren’t disappointing except Doc Otto (who should’ve been the hardest but was one of the easiest), and the collective aspect of the game was awesome too. The music fits with the background of the scenery really well. The story’s development and progression was spectacular and an overall eleven out of ten in my opinion.