Spring Fashion

Spring Fashion

Courtney Hathaway, Staff Reporter

As the warm weather slowly approaches many of us are beginning to put our winter clothes away and bring out our spring clothes. But when you bring out your old spring clothes, do you ever realize your clothes may be out of fashion ? Well, that means it’s time to go shopping! This year, clothes from the previous years are still in style and some are brand new.

This year, neutral colors are in as well as bright and pastel pinks, yellows, blues, greys and more. Overalls have been back in style since last summer and are being brought back for this spring and summer. Many girls style overalls with a basic form fitting t-shirt underneath or a colorful crop top. They are styling them with are different textures and colors, very different from than the original blue denim overalls.trend-1-overalls

I feel like jumpsuits and romper will always be in style, whether they’re long or short, long sleeve or short sleeve, sleeveless or strapless. The best thing about jumpsuits and rompers is that they’re versatile for the occasion; they can look casual or they can look dressy depending on how you style them. I think every girl should have a basic, comfortable romper that they could just throw on in the summer, but nothing tops a simple t-shirt dress.


Lastly, since it is spring, we all know it gets a little chilly at night. That’s why we should always have that reliable jean jacket, lightweight cardigan or kimono to put on when the temperature drops. This season, fringe is really big, it’s that boho look everyone is going for but you can never go wrong with a plain jean jacket either.