Hollywood Hills Come Alive at ’19 Junior Prom

Juniors made their way down the red carpet for this year’s Junior Prom

Duyen To, Associate Editor

Juniors of Norristown Area High School and their dates made their way down the red carpet the evening of Friday, April 12. Although the weather was not the greatest, many students came with umbrellas to shield themselves and their lovely attire from getting wet, most arriving around 7 pm.

As the students headed towards the cafeteria, glittery stars, with names of those attending paved the way. With about 130 students attending, some of the Juniors were disappointed by the lower turnout. “It’s well put together but I wish more people should have come,” Bailey Hendricks stated.

Chynna Boyd, however, did not seem to be bothered. Addressing to the students who didn’t attend that, “we’re all having a good time while everyone else is at home,” she said.

Officers of the 2021 class decorated the scene in a Hollywood theme, taping along with Hollywood letters across black and red curtains. Glittery shingles of golden streamers were hung up in front of the school store, and black movie film curled around polls all throughout the cafeteria.

Among the decorations were tables and chairs, most importantly the snack table. It featured chips, water, soft pretzels, cookies, cupcakes, and Chick-Fil-A nuggets (that were gone in ten minutes!).

A dance wouldn’t be complete without a dance floor! DJ Pooda hosted, and while many students moved rhythmically with the music, other students enjoyed the event while sitting and mingling among friends. “My friends are here with me and everybody looks amazing,” said Natalie Allen.

Foreign exchange students from Italy also attended the event. “This is wonderful, back home in Italy we don’t have a prom so for us this is amazing!” said Maria Romito, a foreign exchange student from Montella, Italy.

Although dances mostly rely on loud music, students enjoyed talking among their peers. When asked about how the DJ was, Christian Freas laughed as the music pounded through his ears. “He’s good, but I wish he would lower the music a little bit!” There were good vibes and energy throughout the dance floor, and energy got even more ecstatic when “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X came on. Party-goers screamed as they rushed to the dance floor, some even came hustling from bathrooms!

Wrapping up 2019’s Junior Prom, 130 students arrived in their stylish attire, accompanied by umbrellas and light rainfall. Snacks were provided and attendees were given complimentary water bottles to wash down the food! A grand night of dancing and mingling, it was time for the Juniors to roll out. Junior prom only comes once a year and the students were more than glad to have attended the event.