Preview: Famous ‘Mr. Norristown’ Tradition Continues Thurs. Evening

Maria Gonzalez-Ortiz, Staff Writer

Get ready for an evening  filled with laughter and excitement, as the annual Mr. Norristown competition is back! This event,that was entirely put together by the blue and white society, will be taking place tomorrow evening, March 14th, from 7pm to 10pm in the NAHS auditorium and will be hosted by seniors Britney Morales and  Anyae Hedgepeth.

“Mr. Norristown is basically a male beauty pageant where the members of the senior class of 2019 participate in different events,” stated by Kate Bartlett, who, along with Jen Shahin, sponsors the Blue and White.

This event will kick off with the boys modeling formal wear provided by Men’s Warehouse,all showing off how nicely they clean up. The next event will be a fashion show in which the contestants show off their personal style, then a swim attire show, mocking what is done in traditional pageants. The night will finish off with a talent portion, in which we will really get to see what the boys are made of.

Mr. Norristown is not just another event at NAHS, as the contestants as well as the members of the blue and white have poured their time into making this event as successful as possible.  “It’s busy, tiring, there’s a lot of work that goes in to it. Making sure all the boys are organized, getting them to be on time to everything and coming to all the practices; have all the stuff that they need. It becomes something challenging but it’s also really  rewarding, the night of the show, it’s really fun,” said Bartlett.

As this exciting tradition approaches, read up about the contestants here and make your pick as to who should be the next Mr. Norristown!