Chic-fil-A Leader Academy Hosts Holiday Fun for Students with Special Needs

Oxirydiana Salas-Carmona

Oxirydiana Salas-Carmona, Staff Reporter

Since the month of December is all about giving back and making someone’s holiday magical, the Chick-fil-A Leader Academy at Norristown Area High School decided to do just that.

As part of their “Do Good December” activity this year, the Chick-fil-A Leader Academy organized a special needs holiday event in which the special needs students participated in many Holiday-themed activities.

When asked why they decided to work with special needs kids this year, Julissa Facey, senior, stated, “We wanted the special needs students to have a day where they feel appreciated.”

The students and staff involved in the Chick-fil-A Leader Academy worked immensely hard to make this event possible. Students were selling candy canes and personalized notes at all lunches to raise money for their event to become possible. They gathered people who weren’t involved with the program to sign up and lend a hand with the multiple workshops taking place on December 20th. The students also brought in any extra utensils they may need and a movie to end the afternoon with.

The all day event included four main workshops to kick off the the day. The workshops included building and decorating gingerbread houses, Christmas cookies, Christmas decorations, and Christmas gifts for their loved ones.

Towards the end, the Academy put on a dance so the students, volunteers, and staff could let loose out on the gym dance floor. The participants danced to a variety of music, such as early 2000’s jams, holiday favorites, and the most trendy songs of the year.

Everyone winded down the afternoon by watching a “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and enjoying warm popcorn.  

Events such as this one conducted by the Chick-fil-A Leader Academy, show how that good leadership brings people together to let loose and have fun in a variety of ways.