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Steven Rubio

Joining Mr. Norristown was something Steven Rubio knew he wanted to do since he was a freshman. He wanted to show off his personality in such a grand way. Rubio can be heard cracking jokes all the time, pulling everyone around him into a conversation.

“My personality definitely comes from my dad,” said Rubio. “I think most of the way I act is like my dad and how he acts.”

Rubio has been in a Mexican folk dance group called Ballet Folklorico Yaretz since he was in second grade, but it wasn’t something he ever planned to do. 

“When I was seven, my mom told me that we were going to get ice cream, but she tricked me by having me think we were going to get ice cream, but we went to the dance place,” said Rubio.  

This deception led him to the success he is at today with his dancing. 

“The first time I was able to do the dance that I am doing for Mr. Norristown has got to be my biggest accomplishment because I struggled a lot to be able to complete that dance,” said Rubio. “Being able to completely perform in front of an audience felt really good.”

Rubio can also be seen running long distances out on the track all year. He’s been running for about a year and a half. He runs in a few different events. For cross country, it’s only 5ks for high school. For track, he runs usually runs 3 events, but this year he’s adding a fourth: the 2 mile. He can be seen running outside or inside daily.

Rubio faces peaks and valleys but that happens to every athlete. 

“I think there’s a lot of good moments and there’s still a lot of good moments to come, but [my biggest accomplishment is] breaking 20 in the 5k and beating a kid I’ve always wanted to beat,” he said.

Rubio was injured last year but has come back better than ever since. “It was a groin injury, and I kept running through it,” he said.  “At the end of my cross country, I almost blew it out completely, and at the end of the season, it was really bad and I had to take a really long break. Seeing everybody else practice and improve really made me just want to get back out there more but I couldn’t.” 

He has always been someone who is outgoing, and he always is so positive, even when facing adversity. He brings his energy and style to the competition on Thursday. 

“I just want to express myself in such a cool way.”  

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