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Jose Tellez-Nieto

The best words to describe Jose Tellez-Nieto would be extroverted, outgoing, and hard-working, which makes him the perfect contestant for Mr. Norristown. He wants nothing but success in his future, and he plans to start his journey to the top by winning the competition.

Tellez-Nieto wants to hype up the crowd with his performance by using his personality. He’s been outgoing from the start, so it won’t be a struggle for him. He doesn’t want to change any part of himself just to appeal to the judges and audience to get the win.

Rather than continuing his time with math homework and history tests, Tellez-Nieto plans on moving forward in his cooking career. With his classes in culinary arts at the tech school, and already working as a chef in a local Indian restaurant, Tellez wants to continue moving upwards in his career to become one of the best. 

When Tellez-Nieto isn’t working at the restaurant or his part-time job of detailing cars, he spends almost all of his free time at home relaxing. On the off-chance that he has enough time to do so, he enjoys playing soccer, hanging out with friends, and being outdoors in general. His love for soccer has been with him for his whole life, as most of his family loves the sport as well. Before he got his job, he spent plenty of time on the field.

Joining Mr. Norristown was a no-brainer for Tellez-Nieto. “I just said to myself, why not? It’s my last year, you know, I might as well have fun because you only live once,” he said. 

With all of his responsibilities, Tellez-Nieto hasn’t had much time for activities like this, so why not go out with a bang? Wanting to leave a final mark on his high school experience, the perfect way to go would be to take the title of Mr. Norristown.

Tellez-Nieto’s advice to any underclassmen is, “Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there remember you only live once so enjoy it and live life like there’s no tomorrow.” 

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