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Douglas Cawley

Doug Cawley, a senior student who is very involved at NAHS, is in love with wrestling and being active in environments around him. He explained that he stays involved because he isn’t too fond of missing out on opportunities. 

“I usually participate in everything I can,” said Cawley. “ I don’t want to look back and regret not doing it.”

Wrestling is something that has stuck with Cawley and has even taught him discipline. “There’s been a lot of times where I haven’t liked it but the discipline in wrestling is really one of the main things that I love. And it keeps me engaged and it keeps me disciplined in life,” said Cawley. 

Wrestling is something he’s planning on pursuing in the future. In fact, he’s looking at a couple of wrestling colleges now: Gannon and Kutztown. He explained that his main goals are to graduate and go to college to become a history teacher due to Mr. Irvine’s influence. But he’s also flexible.

“I always dreamed of making a business and making a family,” he said. “Living my life comfortably, nothing too much.”

He includes that outside of school, he’s a huge family person and really close to his older brother.

“Me and him grew up very close to each other,” he said. “We always played sports with each other, we’re a year apart in grades. So we were just very close, we hung out all the time, and we had the same friends.” 

Cawley believes life as a teenager can also be overwhelming.  

“I wish I was like 6 years old again watching ‘Cars’ on my TV,” Cawley said. He gives his mom some credit saying, “My mom helped me through a lot of stuff. She’s a very smart person, very logical and she’s always right!” 

Cawley wasn’t motivated by anyone to do Mr. Norristown specifically, but he does say that outside of school, the only person he looks up to is himself.  “Nobody can do it like me, nobody’s better than me. And that’s just what you gotta think.” 

Cawley’s confidence came with time though.

“I had to learn it, I had to gain it,” he said. “I used to look up to the wrong people and that led me down the wrong path so I had to gain the confidence to look into myself.”  He smiled with every word he said and had a noticeably bright positive attitude.

Cawley lets it be known that he is not scared to perform, and if he gets nervous, he’ll “just do it” anyway.  It is tough for him keeping his talent a secret because he’s so ecstatic to show it off.

“Doubt causes chaos and one’s own demise ” is one of Cawley’s favorite inspirational quotes because it helps him sit back, think, and look past his anxiety.

“Even if you’re not confident, you have to walk around like you’re confident [because] they’ll take the confidence that you lack.”

His own inspirational message to the world is, “Work hard. No matter what you’re working hard in, there’s going to pay off to it and it’s going to be amazing.”

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